Guide To Stimulating The Prostate

Guide To Stimulating The Prostate

If you would like to let go the beliefs that men should not put anything in their butts and would like to explore what the world of prostate simulation has to offer, you are in the right place.  Though you may not be ready to get into anal play, you are guaranteed of having fun with prostate stimulation. Keep reading and get more insight into diversity in sexual pleasure.


Locating Your Prostate

The very first place one starts from is by locating where the gland is in the body. It is found between 2-4 inches in the rectum of every male and can be located below the bladder. Men are not the same and this means how far it is dependent on an individual.

An easier way of locating it is getting your finger inside your butt. You may need to begin with one finger as it is smaller and easier in flexing your joints as you search for the prostate.  You may only need on most occasions to put the first two joints in order to fell the prostate.

It is important that you are relaxed while doing on any anal activity. This will allow you to have fun as well as easing the process for you.  If you are tensed, you will end up tensing your muscles and you will find it difficult to put in anything.

There are people who make use of music, candles and even breathing routines as well as being alone to help them focus while avoiding distractions. It is important that you look for something that makes you comfortable and you may need to experiment. You may need to begin with being in a quiet place with no disruption. 

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As soon as you get ready, you may need lube. The anus does not have a self-lubricating mechanism like the vagina because of its functionality. You may need to, therefore, use a lot of lubrication to avoid hurting yourself or sensitive tissues in your body.

Start by applying the lubricant around your finger and your anus. Relax your anus by massaging it. You can try treating it as if it was a doorbell as this will give you a great feeling. With your fingertip, press your anus gently and then release that. In a couple of minutes, your muscles will open up and allowing the finger to get inside the opening. 

You should not rush anything, instead, allow your butt to get accustomed to having something inside it. You may actually experience the need to poo. This is a normal feeling which fades away. In any case, these muscles have been used to poo for the longest time possible allow your brain to take in the new role.

As soon as you get a little more comfortable, you can add extra lube. In most occasions, as soon as you get anything in your butt, your muscles hinder any more lube from getting in. You need to ensure that the internal parts are also well lubricated.  In case you find it hard to get the lube inside, you can use available syringes that have been designed for this specific reasons.

As soon as you have everything under control, you can now begin looking for the prostate. It has a walnut shape, and you will surely feel the difference in your fingers in comparison to the different parts of your butt. Majority o the people may need two of their fingers inside their butts to be able to actually touch their prostate

You may not have the nicest of feelings immediately you get in touch with it. For others, there may be no difference if any. Most sources always assure people that they would know as soon as they get in touch with their prostate, this may not be so true for every individual. You should however not worry about this but rather work on it and with more practice, you are assured to finally master this.

Something else you could incorporate while looking for your prostate is working on arousing yourself just before you start as well as while still in the process. Just as in the vagina, your prostate would grow due to an increase in blood flow as you arouse yourself. More arousal means it grows bigger and harder and easier to locate.

There are chances that you may not be able to locate your prostate probably because of short fingers, our advice is that you look for a toy for prostate massage or request for help from a partner.


Internal Prostate Stimulation

Found the prostate? If yes, you are good to go. You may wonder what your next steps are. This is highly dependent on an individual. People enjoy stuff differently and it is up to an individual to find what stimulation of their prostate they enjoy most. There are a couple of movements that one could try out:

  • Moving in Circular motions on the edges of the gland.
  • Using different amounts of pressure such as doorbell motions that you initially used on the anus.
  • Movements associated with an instance when one is fingering a lady.
  • Movement of your fingers in quick random successions in order to cause vibrations.

As soon as you find something that works, you need to memorize this. Majority of the people will derive pleasure as well as an uncommon feeling. And for others, they may find that when they come into contact with their prostate, they will not find any pleasure at first.  You should not allow this to keep you turned off.  Many people end up giving up on the process and eventually miss on an opportunity to experience pleasure from stimulation of their prostate.

If in any case, you experience any pain, you should instantly stop the process. Your muscles, as well as nerve endings, are extremely sensitive and you should avoid tearing them. If you experience a burning sensation or stinging, this should work as a red flag.  Most of the time this could be due to the lubricant one is using, ensure you conduct a thorough research on lubes and get one that best suits you. 


External Prostate Stimulation

In case you are not ready to explore the anus in order to find the prostate, worry not! You have an alternative for stimulating your prostate and this is achieved by stimulating the perineum.

This is the area that is between the scrotum and the anus. Most people call it the taint.  This area is in the form of a diamond shape and covers for most of your bottom part and if correctly stimulated, you will be able to feel the same for your prostate.

You should always keep in mind the penile bulb while stimulating your prostate. This happens to be the part that is the base of the penis and is in the body slightly above the perineum. In case you end up rubbing the perineum which happens to be below the penile bulb, you will only be stimulating your penis instead of the prostate. 

In this case, your core focus should be on the part more close to the anus. This given area should give you a feeling of softness and tenderness when you press on it. Just to emphasize, you need to find out what best suits you as people are different.  You can make use of movements such as circular ones, vibrations, inserting pressure or anything that may come to your mind.

Just as in internal stimulation, you will feel relieved if aroused through an external massage. As you do this, the prostate grows and becomes harder which is the same for the skin you are massaging.

Many men may not experience any pleasure from this because there is no direct contact with the prostate.  In case this applies to you, we recommend that you try to internally stimulate yourself so that you do not miss out on pleasure.

The more you practice, the easier it may be for you to actually get a complete orgasm through stimulation of your prostate. Such orgasms are not similar to what one gets via masturbation as well as normal sex, we will offer more insight on the same in an article on what a prostate massage feels like.

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