Guide to Choosing Anal Beads

Guide to Choosing Anal Beads

If you are a fan of a pleasurable sensation in anal penetration, then you have probably thought of laying your hands on anal beads. This can quickly become your new favorite sex toy if you take time to choose the right one out of the numerous options available on the market.

Anal beads are much loved by beginners as well as skilled players. Their basic design enables users to go as far as they desire and spend as much time as possible enjoying every moment.

This toy is made up of a strand of anal-safe beads which can be inserted one by one to give the user a buildup of sensation that can be done repeatedly.

For users seeking the best anal beads out there, the choices can be overwhelming. The question is, which one should you choose? If the prospect of owning the most sensuous anal beads sounds like fun, we will help you narrow down the key aspects you need to look for as you browse through the various stores.


The size of anal beads is probably one of the first factors you may want to take into account before you make a buying decision. When it comes to size, there are two sub-factors to consider – the size of the individual beads and the overall size of the set of anal beads. For most players, this choice is very much dependent on the level of experience in matters of anal sex. This aspect is very important for beginners who may consider starting with a set that is short. They may also want to choose smaller beads for a start and then upgrade with time as they gain more experience. 

For the more experienced users, they will likely pick on the larger beads in a much longer set. Our advice is for the newbie or those who are not sure to start with smaller beads which will make it easier to penetrate rather than starting out with the large ones and risk discomfort rendering them useless.

For beginners, the size of the beads is very critical for your own safety. Beads allow you to feel the pleasure of opening and closing of the anal sphincter over and over. You simply insert in and out, each of the anal beads over and over in a slow motion for you to delights in the pleasure. If you want to benefit from the feeling of fullness you can insert the entire strand. It is advisable to try small sizes to see what best suits you and then you can embark on different techniques.


 Another major factor to consider when choosing anal beads is the material used to manufacture them. The anal beads available on the market today are made from different materials that serve different purposes. In case you intend to use the beads over and over, you are advised to choose material that can be easily cleaned to avoid the accumulation of bacteria. In this case, you should select a material that is non-porous such as silicone, steel or glass. Silicone anal beads may be your best option considering that they are not only flexible but are also affordable.


Just the way anal beads come in different sizes, they also take on a variety of shapes. The different shapes may also have add-ons like engravings or patterns that provide diverse sensations for optimal satisfaction. The most common shape is the sphere but manufacturers are continuously upping their creativity to cater to evolving tastes. It is difficult to recommend a particular shape for users because it comes down to personal preference or perception. It is prudent to try out whatever design you may fancy and find out what gives you the most pleasurable feeling.

What connects the beads?

There are some anal beads which are held together by cotton or nylon string. These kinds of beads come with a high risk of infections because it is difficult to properly clean and disinfect the strings increasing the possibility of harboring bacteria. Another risk with these kinds of beads is the likelihood of the string snapping, releasing beads into the rectum and even further. The beads may get stuck inside your digestive system and this will require medical attention, complicating matters for you.

The best quality anal beads are those that are molded together into one


The flexibility of anal beads is something you will possibly want to consider. For example, if you intend to use a longer strand of beads, a flexible version will ensure a deeper penetration is more comfortable than if you were using a stiffer one. It will boil down to your preference of a strand that slithers with your internal contours or something straight and stiff to the core.


As mentioned earlier, anal beads come in different variations. There are sets that are capable of vibrating. If you decide to settle for vibrating beads, ensure that they are entirely sealed to avoid instances of electrical shocks. Your safety should always be your top priority.

You may also consider selecting vibrating beads that have adjustable speeds so that you can begin with slower speeds and gradually move to faster speeds as you get used to your newfound toy.


Anal beads are an amazing beginner's preamble to the pleasures of anal play. It may take you several trials to discover the perfect strand of beads that fulfills your desires, but when you find one, you will be able to enjoy the services of that toy for a very long time. Apart from the size, it is very simple to choose the right type of anal beads and relish the joy of controlling your own pleasures. As long as you go for the non-porous set and ensure you have the right material, the journey to discover the anal beads that will satisfy your needs has started.

That essentially summarizes the basic factors to keep in mind when choosing a set of anal beads.

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