Great Sex Positions While Wearing a Plug

Great Sex Positions While Wearing a Plug

Sex is a great way to experience pure pleasure, as well as experiment with things you would never have dreamed of otherwise, but it’s not always going to be as convenient as it might first seem. Butt plugs are a great way to bring something new into you and your partner’s sex life, but it can also make things a little bit awkward. Like with any sex toy, it will take some time to adapt, and there are certain sex positions that you will start to prefer over others if you or your partner is wearing a butt plug.

If you’ve tried using a butt plug before, but still haven’t gotten over the awkward adaptation stage, we’ve put together this list of sex positions and tips that might help you integrate it into your regular sex life. Eventually, it will feel like a completely natural part of your relationship with your partner, rather than an awkward gimmick.

Preparing Yourself

Before you actually get into any sort of anal play, you need to be ready and prepared for whatever you’ve got planned.

Get Lubricant

Most of this preparation work, as you might expect, should focus on your anal area – lubrication is probably the most obvious since there is really no reason to not use it, even if you think you can handle it. Always pick a safe lubricant, preferably a water-based one if you're able to find one. You want to be sure that you and your partner aren't at any risk of getting hurt, after all. If you are going to be doing anal play for the first time, it is best to get anal training kits first.


Communication matters in any sexual relationship, especially one that involves toys. This goes double if your partner doesn’t know you’ve been thinking about this – while you should obviously never try to use toys on them without their consent, that doesn’t mean that they’ll always be okay with you using them on yourself, either.

This also matters for sex positions. Not every position is comfortable for both participants, especially when they have a butt plug inside them that could hurt if they sit or lie at an awkward angle.


Butt plugs actually allow for a really great foreplay method – wearing it for a while before you start actually having sex. You can go out for a meal, take a walk or even just spend some time talking, all while one of you (or even both of you) wears the plug underneath their clothes. This is one of the few sex toys that can actually be used this way, to enjoy it for what it’s worth!


There’s quite a wide range of positions that can work well alongside a butt plug, regardless of who’s wearing it. These don’t necessarily all just apply to straight relationships, either, and they’re easy to adapt to your own preferences and desires.

Oral Sex

It might seem odd to say that oral sex is can benefit from a butt plug. The two don’t relate directly, but that doesn’t actually matter – wearing a plug will still stimulate your nerves and create pleasure, even if you’re receiving (or giving) oral sex.

If you’re giving it, you’ll find the plug helps keep you aroused and in the mood even if you’re not getting much out of the act itself, and it can help you feel the pleasure that you know your partner is getting too. On the other hand, if you’re the recipient, it can intensify the pleasure without getting in your partner’s way.

This is even more noticeable if you're a woman – the pressure in your anus will tighten your vagina, meaning that it'll be far more pleasurable for both of you. Even if it only tightens by a small amount, it'll still be enough for your partner to notice.

On the other hand, if you’re male, a stimulated prostate can create a huge amount of pleasure with very little effort, meaning that you’ll orgasm much harder than usual without overworking your partner.

Doggy Style (and variations)

Doggy Style is one of the more “vanilla” sex positions, but it also opens up some great possibilities for using a plug. In standard doggy style sex, it’ll add more pleasure to whoever’s wearing it with no noticeable downsides, so there’s really no reason to not use one if you’re able to.

Other variants of the position, such as 'Lazy Doggy Style,' might even open the plug up to being bumped by your partner, meaning that it'll move around slightly and pleasure more nerves. Like many sex positions, you'll get into a consistent rhythm, which means that the plug will start to match the beat of your movements, too.

There are dozens of doggy style variations, so if you find a particular one uncomfortable while you're wearing a plug, it's not hard to switch to a different one. This can be useful if you're still quite new to wearing butt plugs since your anus might have not fully adjusted to accommodate them properly.

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

The cowgirl positions are extremely common, but they also allow for a lot of experimentation. If you’re using a regular Cowgirl position, you’ll be able to face your partner, potentially allowing them to grab onto the side of your butt or help guide you in ways that stimulate the plug. Reverse Cowgirl has you facing directly away from them, meaning that the plug is always in reach of your partner.

If you're the recipient of these positions and you're wearing a plug, you can try to get the 'giver' to move in ways that nudge your pelvic area, which might be enough to help the plug reach new nerve endings and create a greater level of pleasure.

Even if you aren’t interacting with the plug directly, the motions from Cowgirl positions are often enough to make a butt plug move slightly, which can be more than enough to create an extra level of sexual pleasure for you.

As a side-note, remember that the standard cowgirl position lets you two face each other. You can use this to get involved in teasing, sexual play or other interactions with your partner, which can be useful if they find the idea of the plug itself hot – you can tease them about it or tell them how it feels, which might help keep them in the mood for longer.

Kinkier Positions

Many people see anal play as a “kinky” way to make love, and that’s definitely true to a certain extent. You can take advantage of that by choosing positions with a much more kinky nature, or even getting props and tools involved that you can add to an otherwise normal position.

For example, blindfolds are an interesting choice, especially if they’re combined with a vibrating butt plug. That way, your partner will never know when it’s switched on until the motions start. You could also buy a range of butt plugs and blindfold your partner before choosing one, meaning that they will have no idea what’s coming until it is already inside them.

In terms of positions, you could always try something that involves one participant being rested against furniture or a wall. This opens up even more possibilities for different angles, making it easier to keep the plug in full view if you want to give it a slight shake with your hand to provide your partner with a sudden burst of pleasure.

If you want to take things a step further, why not go beyond just a plug? One common fantasy is being tied up to a bed or piece of furniture, and another involves being spanked – both of these can work well alongside almost any type of plug, and they’ll give you a way to spice up your sex life even if you decide to move on to larger toys in the future.

In Conclusion

Remember that not all plugs are identical – some will be inflatable, others will vibrate, and more still will just be solid silicone objects. You might find ribbed ones or ones that are longer than usual. The type of plug you use will change the kinds of positions that you can use, but not by much. In fact, many butt plugs might open up new ideas, especially if they have extra features that you are able to control while your partner's still using it. Experimentation is key.

However, there's really no limit to the kinds of positions you can try out. The only real exception is ones involving anal sex since you obviously need to plug up you or your partner's rectum. Still, even the most basic positions can be turned into something much more amazing with nothing but a plug or two, regardless of you and your partner's preferences, interests, or even sex. Plugs work just as well for same-sex couples as they do for straight ones, after all.

Just remember to stay lubricated. Inadequate lubrication is the most common problem that plug-users run into, and it's not like it's hard to fix. As long as you have a plug that fits you and some safe lubricant, you'll be able to incorporate it into almost any position and sex act with ease.

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