Getting Started with Anal Play

Getting Started with Anal Play

I can never insert anything up there! Will, it hurt a lot? This is very gross as poo comes from here! I am not at all gay!  

Those are some of the reactions that discussions about anal sex bring up.  In case you are already curious, there must be a part of you that wants to give it a shot. You should actually try it!  Anal sex can actually give you loads of pleasure some that you may have not experienced in vanilla sex. 

Any person can find fulfillment in anal sex and that includes you. You should not be all alpha about this though.  Getting anal sex does not make you gay though. Majority of women love this from their partners and this does not make their partners less straight than those who do not have anal sex. Sexuality is not defined by the things people do nor the things they put in their butts but by the people who find us attractive. It is very easy if you love butt, why not go for it?


Basics of Anal Play

Anal play involves any given activity which is done to stimulate the anus. The anus has lots of nerve endings that when stimulated will give you enjoyment. This can be achieved in any way you prefer and you can therefore experiment. 

It is usually not just the nerves that are stimulated, for women, this can also help in stimulating the G-spot. Men get more benefits as the prostate gland located between the bladder and penis is best stimulated via the anus which is at times referred to as a man’s G-Spot. 


Benefits of anal sex

Majority of the people know that sex is great for them. it has great benefits inclusive of exercise, aiding with the immune system, boosting sleep, antibodies and much more. The most important thing that you may not be aware of is that anal sex comes with all the above benefits and a couple more.

The best benefit, you will not get pregnant! In case you do not have condoms, you can still engage in anal sex and with no risk of conceiving.  For women, they would still experience an orgasm since pressure from the penis will push on the vaginas back wall and stimulate it

Another added benefit that you should be aware of is that using the anus naturally helps in increasing the flow of blood for all your muscles. In case you have experienced issues with evacuation, extra flow of your blood will help you in getting things moving again easing the process of emptying your bowels. 

Men are the most beneficiaries of anal sex both in receiving and giving. The anus in most occasions is tighter as compared to the vagina, inserting the penis will give you intense as well as explosive feelings because of the added pressure. This also helps in stimulating the prostate gland as well as giving you health benefits.

Research indicates that regular stimulation of the prostate helps to reduce future issues including lowering the risks of getting prostate cancer.

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The special bond

In the current world, we live in sex is discussed a lot and on most occasion associated with pressure for people to keep trying new as well as interesting things.  That said, anal sex comes with stigma as well as being considered taboo and in a weird way, it makes it special. 

It may even take lots of trust in a given relation for people to hold a candid conversation about anal sex, and it would take much more to actually engage in this activity.  You may need to stop doubting the process and work something between you and your partner.

The person receiving should trust that everything will be fine and it won’t be fast nor rough. The person giving should trust that their partner will give clear communication and would not get an accident during the process.  Having faith in each other will help in raising tension as well as pleasure during the act while bringing people closer together. 

Anal sex is one way of spicing things up. We all know that with time sex can become monotonous in a given relationship.  Anal sex gives you the opportunity to begin from scratch as you figure out everything and bring a new perspective to your bedroom matters. 



You can never separate anal sex with lubrication. The anus does not have a mechanism of lubricating itself. In this case, you may need to use lube. A pinch does not actually count as this can dry up so fast, you should, therefore, have enough before you engage in anal sex. Not using may end up hurting you and can easily put you off.

Lube also ensure that the activity is safer. Most damage that may occur during any anal activity is due to tearing as well as an abrasion on the surface of your muscles. If such instances happen, one can easily get infections or diseases and if you use lube, these risks are highly lowered. 


Spice it up with toys!

Anal sex must not be about butts or just a penis. Lesbians, as well as heterosexual women, can actually get into the action with their straps on. If you need to spice things a bit, you could use anal specific toys to help you out. 

  • Butt Plugs:

This is the most popular toy and is a simple device that serves the purposes that are defined for. Inserting this plug aids in creating a fullness as well as stretching and this can be accompanied by penetration any space left can be filled using the butt plug while helping to get things a bit tighter.  

  • Anal Beads:

They are close in design as butt plus though they do not have a single piece but are made up of a couple of beads. Once the beads are inserted or removed, your sphincters open and closes with each bead while creating a popping sensation. 

  • Prostate Massagers:

Designed for men only. It is similar to a butt plug though it has a curve.  The curve allows you to get to the right spot into the rectum while stimulating the prostate.  

  • Anal Vibrators:

Its design is similar to that of the butt plug though with one major difference which is the fact that they can vibrate.  Vibration helps you to have fun as well as having the freedom to do other things with your hands.

  • Anal Hooks:

This is the end of the spectrum and is mostly used for advanced reasons such as those seeking anal adventure. They come a bit of bondage to help in restricting the person from moving which leads to very interesting feelings. 

  • Dildos and strap-ons:

This works for both men and women. Using this during sexual activity can spice things up for you.  The most interesting is when a man wears this above or even below his penis which can allow penetration for a man to their partners both vaginally as well as anally at the same time. It’s easy to get your partner fulfilled in a threesome way even without having a third person close. 


You should ensure that the toy that you decide to purchase has a base.   This base is very useful in stopping your toy from going in further and being swallowed by your rectum. Always ensure that the toy you purchase is made from good material. Low-cost toys may need replacing often and can even come with harmful chemicals damaging your insides.  


Get out there and try it!

We are hopeful that you found this intriguing. Anal sex can be very great especially when you figure it out. However, reading may not give you the much info you need, trying it out would give you some perspective to it.

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