What Is A Furry Fetish?

What Is A Furry Fetish?

Furries have been a term many people might have heard of. However, this term has been known to be a bit vague and sometimes the majority of the people are a bit confused on what its actual meaning is. This is also compounded more by petplay, one reason why we see a variety of sex toy designs today, as the assumption made by the majority is that they are the same. 


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What is a furry?

The best explanation of a fury is a person who majorly identifies with a given animal. Generally, such animals are anthropomorphized, thus human characteristics are retained as well as those associated with the particular animal. Furries are part of animal role-playing, though, in comparison to petplay, this is done in a more tame and conserved form of role play. This, however, narrows down to an individual level and if one chooses to identify themselves as a furry.

Majority of what is involved in furry role play is completely different from petplay, and mostly there is no sexual influence involved. This is not to dispute that as a furry you can have sexual scenarios, though this is not commonly experienced. Also, furries have been known to sometimes partake in petplay though it is paramount to know the difference between petplay and furry fetish.

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How to be a furry?

It is common to find furries practicing role play in real life though some choose to do the same while online only. Whatever the choice one makes, the most important thing is that one needs to adopt a “fursona”.  This is the personality that a furry identifies as this is supposed to be a true reflection of what their personality is about. That is the reason as a furry, the general role one takes is an anthropomorphized to animals such as foxes or even tigers by wearing fox tails or cat tail plugs. The animals are also not usually seen in the same light and with that, it can mean having fur as well as hair that has a different tone of color than the normal one. Others see furries as cartoon versions of the real animal.


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For furries who prefer to interact online, they are more likely to experience a more sexual engagement. The market offers a lot more message boards and the majority of these have erotic, art and generalized fiction that has a sexual nature.

Those who experience this, in reality, they mostly do it for a completely different reason which is to absolutely have fun! They play dress up and put on things such as ear, tails and even fur and complete suits to identify with a particular fursona. There events organized across the globe that allow people with a furry fetish to meet up and enjoy the moments together as they stick to their true nature.

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That said, being a furry is mostly seen as a hobby and not necessarily a lifestyle.  The choice of a dress up is completely personal and most furries prefer to do that like animals. This is completely okay especially if one finds enjoyment in doing so.

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