Join the Hunt with some Fox Play

Join the Hunt with some Fox Play

Fox play for the longest time possible has been a very common type of petplay. This not only involves a pet being trained and nurtured in a similar manner as that of a cat or a dog but it there is usually a wild side involved. Foxes, in general, are not domesticated, in this case, fox players get to enjoy a different aspect of petplay while allowing the freedom to explore the wildness associated with foxes.


Traits of fox play

The biggest distinction that can be identified early enough in a fox play process is the extent of domestication that a fox will be. Majority of the foxes do not need too much attention from their owners as that given to puppies or kittens. In some instances, foxes will be required to be wild.

For others, the challenge that comes with taming a fox thrill them. In the early stages of the fox play, there is a possibility that a fox can bite, scratch you or even rebel against you as its owner.  As the process advances, the fox becomes more like a kitten or a given puppy and can be trained in a similar manner, though without similar levels of dependency as well as neediness. 


Fox play accessories

 As for foxes that are a bit wilder, having a reduced number of accessories is the best and even more desirable. In some instances, a humble can be used as well as the bondage of the arms as well as legs to ensure that it remains on all fours.  Other items that can be part of the role play include masks, tail butt plugs as well as bondage boots/gloves which are dependent on the level of physical activity as well as spirituality that participants would love to have in their experience.

The most domesticated foxes might have extra accessories in order to reflect the nature of their lifestyle. This is inclusive of bowls used for drinking or even eating, leads, beads as well as collars.  


Fox play events

The diverse types of petplay come with different events and gatherings that happen. For those participants who take part in petplay, they are on most occasions welcome to take part in pup or kitten events as foxes have a close relation to these types of animals.  It is however important that you check with a given event on the type of animals they allow. Check also the types of sex toys or dildos that are going to be potentially involved in the activity even when they will not be used but just for show.

The most interesting foxes events that people can participate in is a human fox hunt.  This is similar to common fox hunting which involves humans, horses, dogs as well as foxes.  The main aim is usually to hunt the fox. If a fox is cornered, this means that hunters have been able to trap the fox which marks the end of the event.

In for example one is interested in role-playing as a fox, such events can be a great place to get started. It is important however to seek for advice on online platforms or chatrooms. Whichever approach you use with fox play, you are assured of having great fun playing as a fox.

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