External Prostate Massage

External Prostate Massage

Do you know that you can massage the prostate without inserting anything inside your anus if you are not comfortable with putting things inside you? This type of prostate massage is referred to as external prostate massage.

The external prostate massage may not be effective as the internal prostate massage, but you can still experience great benefits if you learn the right techniques for an external massage. Continue reading this post if you want to know more about external prostate massage.

How to Start the External Prostate Massage

External prostate massage consists of applying pressure to different points of your perineum, the area of skin and muscular tissue between your anus and your testicles, as well as the area above your pubic bone. The pressure you apply to your pubic bone or your perineum can take the form of rubbing back and forth, circle massaging, or even just pinpointing specific areas that make you feel good as you press. There are vibrators that can help you with the process, but usually prostate massager designs are more appropriate for the task.

The testicles and anus will stimulate your prostate gland indirectly when both parts are in touch with the internal tissue and thus expand your erotic sensitivity from the shaft of your penis to your inner sex organs. You can practice the external prostate massage while you’re lying on your bed, either on your side or your back, keeping your legs flexed towards your butt, since it’s the position that allows a better relaxation of the pelvic area, and it also gives you space to work around your perineum.

How Can You Reach The Prostate Externally?

How do you reach an internal gland from outside your body? The perineum is the key in this case. The area of skin between a man’s anus and his scrotum is the perineum. Massaging the perineum stimulates the prostate indirectly because a man’s prostate is located above his skin.

Where Do You Massage?

The perineum has two halves. It covers the penile bulb at the front, which is the inner end of the penis and a softer area with less flesh and muscles at the rear. These spots are your most accessible gateway to the prostate. Some people may be able to stimulate their prostate externally from different angles.

Try placing your fingers on one side of the shaft underneath your scrotum if you have an erection. You may be feeling a lump inside, which you may think is just the internal shaft of your penis, but if you start to rub it, you’ll feel another thing, which is different from the usual penis stimulation. You can approach from either side to find what works best for you.

What Will It Feel Like?

Knowing if you are hitting the right area of your body when trying to perform an external prostate massage for the first time can be a little bit difficult. One particular feeling you should look out for if you aren’t sure that you’re touching the right area is a sudden need to urinate. That’s not a good feeling when trying to stimulate yourself sexually.

The prostate is responsible for controlling ejaculate and flow of urine out of the body, and will never let both happen at the same time. You’re not touching the right area if you feel that you want to urinate. You shouldn’t be able to pee while massaging.

What To Do When You Find The Right Area?

All you need to do is rub, experiments and find the things that you enjoy most. Some people prefer a circular motion, while others might like gentle stroking, or look out for something with a little more pressure and tension. It worth checking out any massage guide and try out some of the techniques if you need more ideas.

Don't Be Too Rough!

Your prostate is a susceptible gland, so you don’t have to be too vigorous with it. Rough and powerful movements can cause some severe damage if you aren’t careful. You should stop any motions that you’re performing and have a recess to allow your prostate to recover if it is becoming painful.

When Things Get A Bit Wet

You might notice a little leakage after sometimes if you find the spot and have found a technique you enjoy. This leakage should be kind of colored milk and quite runny, a little bit like thinner ejaculation. Naturally, your prostate will store a lot of these liquids in preparation for when you need them during ejaculation. You allow many of these liquids to clear out by massaging the prostate.

Ridding yourself of these fluids also known as "milking" is one of the main reasons people partake in prostate massage. These leakages could b much so having some tissues or towels on hand can be a good idea to save some cleanup. Getting rid of these fluids carries many health benefits and can later work towards preventing prostate cancer in life.

The Big O

The ability to reach prostate orgasms can open up a new world of sexual pleasure to some people. Although it might be difficult to achieve this through external massage, it still is possible.

Men’s can produce orgasms using different techniques, so if you’re able to reach orgasm then be sure to remember what you did so you can repeat it next time. You can also read different tips online if you’re struggling to reach orgasm.

Anything Else I Should Know?

External Prostate massage is a simple process. Men should perform external prostate massage regularly throughout their lives if they want to maintain a healthy prostate. Some men who are overweight may find it challenging to insert regular prostate massager into their rectum.

However, their problem is solved when they use an external prostate massage toy since the man sits on the massager to receive relief for prostate problems.  An external prostate massage toy can be used fully clothed, so the issue of nudity is a non-issue here. There is no need to use lubricants with external prostate massage since it's not inserted into the man’s body.

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