Collaring Fetishes Guide

Collaring Fetishes Guide

Fetishes always come in a variety of forms for different individuals. What each person enjoys is what defines them and their uniqueness and how special they are. One of the most common fetishes currently involves a very simple strip of fabric- which makes for “The collar”. Other people get their sexual adventures with their fancy jeweled butt plugs and men with their newly discovered prostate massagers, collars dig deeper into new levels of meaning.

Collars are used on pets to indicate their name tags, while for humans, this is worn for diverse reasons. Depending on the communities one comes from, these reasons can vary depending on the significance they hold.

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In the most basic terms, a collar fetish involves sexual arousal by the simple act of wearing a collar or with the preferred animal tail butt plug. This can either be worn personally or by a partner. The reality, however, is that collars are more complex in nature with different meanings for those using them. Couples are bound to have personal feelings attached to this and this can uniquely relate to them only. 


Basic collaring

Even with no need in taking an in-depth look into BDSM, putting on a collar is associated with fun in the bedroom. A collar is a great asset in role-playing and bondage scenarios and you may want to give it a try.

Collars can also be worn indoors or even when you go out. Its significance does not need to be associated with ownership by a partner, but having it on can help to turn on feelings for your partner, thus ensuring that you are relaxed while providing you with comfort. Necklaces from partners have also been associated with such feelings. and in they are the same as collars. 


BDSM collaring

Other collars are worn to show a sense of ownership just as with pets. In such instances, there is usually a dominant and submissive partner. Usually, the submissive partner is the one who puts on the collar and this is usually given to them by the dominant partner. This type of collar is commonly associated with the BDSM community.

This is a very complex phenomenon within the BDSM community and has in most cases brought about heated debate on the correct way to use the collars. In some occasions, they are a representation of submission while they are still in a relationship and this can be removed anytime the relationship comes to an end. For others, this is a much more serious affair and some submissives have gone to an extent of wearing the same on a permanent basis to symbolize the relationship as a lifetime affair.

Majority of those who put on this collars put them on with a lot of pride showing the world that they embrace who they are being part of the BDSM community.

For the one who is the giver of the collar, this shows ownership and protection over the submissive. They pledge to in all times be considerate of the limits of the submissive, ensure their needs are met while respecting and treating them in a dignified manner.

For the submissive who puts on the collar, it means that they will always be in service to the person who gave them the collar in the best way possible.

To those watching from the outside, the collar serves to show the commitment that the two people have made to each other. The collar on the other hand to those who are involved with each other is a way of showing their romantic side to each other and the commitment they have made to each other.


Collaring ceremonies

The process of issuing a collar is mostly symbolic and is even held during ritualistic ceremonies that can be similar to weddings. For the BDSM community, this process can take place in three phases.

The initial collar can be something close to having a pre-engagement ring. This stands for a relationship that is under consideration though this can be ended at any given time. At this point, each party would not feel offended in case they were not considered and this collar is commonly known as that of consideration.

The next phase is that of the Training Collar. This collar is closely related to having an engagement ring. At this stage, the relationship is considered to be more serious and usually, the submissive is normally undergoing a training on how best to serve the dominant to the expected standard. Either party can end the relationship though at this stage a break up is considered to bring about pain and emotional torture.

The last phase is the slave collar. This is similar to having a wedding ring and serves to show that the submissive has fully submitted to the dominant. To some, this collar stands for permanency and it can only be broken by the dominant partner letting go of the submissive, though this takes very extraordinary scenarios.

While many contracts present people with the opportunity to be ended by either party, this is not the case with collars. If there be any falling, this is considered a failure from both parties because of the nature of the relationship. In this case, simply breaking a contract does not translate to the same with the collar and it would take a lot more than this.

Just as the progression with an engagement ring to getting a wedding ring, collars also become more elaborated as the person wearing it progresses from one stage to the other. There are some colors that have been found to be the most ideal for different situations but just because of how personal this can get, it is not easy to find a universal list that is agreed upon.


Situational and Identity Collars

If you are from the BDSM community, collars are allowed even if one has not coupled up with a specific dominant at a particular time. Such can be because of an even and they serve to show that one is under protection by another person especially as long as the event is still on. They also indicate that one identifies with the community and is a submissive who is their search for a dominant partner.


Casual Collaring 

Collars, however, do not always need to hold so much importance as such. At times, they can be worn for specific purposes and for a certain period of time. This is commonly experienced with people who take part in BDSM kind of sexual play, and even pet play, though with a limitation to the bedroom. As a submissive, a collar can be worn when role-playing and this is removed after this is done bringing both partners to equal status.

It is therefore important at all times to make any assumptions when you encounter a person with a collar. Such objects can hold great importance and sanctity to those who put them on one that could be beyond your imagination. You can make an inquiry about them though you should be open-minded and not take offense if the person does not wish to talk about them. Most importantly, NEVER touch a collar without requesting consent as this is one way to offend the wearer.

It does not matter whether you need for a collar is to show submission, engage in role-playing and kinkiness in the bedroom or you just want people to know that you love collars, this is very great. There are a variety of options available for you out there and you will more than likely find one that suits your needs in the best way possible.

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