A Short Guide To Choosing A Prostate Massager

A Short Guide To Choosing A Prostate Massager

You’re missing out on an explosive experience if you’ve never enjoyed the thrill of a prostate massager. Prostate massagers are designed to make you feel pleasurable and can bring you to a full-body orgasm when given the correct manipulation.

However, there are plenty of Prostate massagers out there and getting the right one can be challenging. In this article, we’ll take you through all you need to know about Prostate massager. So get a cup of coffee, and let’s go.

How Big Is It?

Size is an essential factor when choosing a prostate massager. The size of prostate massager that you should go for depends on your level of experience with anal sex toys because some will be small while others will be big. Those who are just starting should get something smaller probably around 1 inch in diameter or less in size.

More advanced users can get something larger, potentially up to the size of some large butt plugs. It's much better to have a prostate massager that's slightly underwhelming than one that's too uncomfortable for you to use at all. If you're unsure of what you'd like, stick to the smaller side of things until you work it out. You should be able to get some level of enjoyment from smaller prostate massager.

What’s It Made Of?

Prostate massagers come in a wide range of materials. However, the big question is whether or not the material is porous. Ideally, all sex toys should be made from non-porous materials but sadly, they aren’t, and therefore you must be cautious when choosing your prostate massager.

Non-porous materials such as metals, steel, glass, and silicone are the safest and best to put inside your body. They will last much longer and are easy to clean. Porous materials like jelly, rubber, latex, PVC, and TPR are prone to breaking down, harbor bacteria, leaving debris in your body, and can never be clean.

Therefore, they are a risk to insert into the body. You should also thoroughly check the base of the massager to ensure your massager won't be stimulating the deeper parts of your body but stays where you intend it to be.

Does It Vibrate?

Another important consideration when choosing a prostate massager is whether or not it vibrates. You cannot easily replicate vibration your body, so it may be worth adding a vibrating prostate massager to your collection. Having a vibrating massager can take much pressure off your hands, letting you completely relax and enjoy the experience.

If vibrations are something you can enjoy, consider finding a prostate massager that vibrates. If you're unsure if vibrations will be a good addition, consider a toy with an adjustable vibrator or the toy that you can switch on and off the vibrator.

Can I Use It In The Shower?

Some prostate massagers are waterproof while others are not. Almost all non-vibrating prostate massagers are waterproof, but you need to check the metal ones to make sure they aren’t going to rust. With vibrating prostate massagers, it needs to be shower safe. It’s recommended you read manufacture before buying to be sure if it’s waterproof if you’re planning to use your prostate massager in the shower.

Can It Do Anything Else?

There are plenty of prostate massagers out there with extra arm design to set outside of the body and stimulate your external organ while the main arm stimulates the body internally. It’s suggested to do some research about the size and shapes of the prostate massagers arm to be sure that you’re picking up something that is what you had in mind.

Some prostate massagers also come with an attached cock ring, which can be quite useful when trying to reach a prostate orgasm. Having a prostate massager with cock ring allows you to focus entirely on your prostate stimulation and can keep your penis erect throughout the process.

What Can Stop The Massager From Getting Stuck?

It may not be an essential consideration, but you need to ensure that your prostate massager is safe. It would help if you made sure that the base is appropriate for your needs. You need a flared base if you’re planning to keep it inside your body for an extended period. The prostate massager base makes sure that it doesn’t travel too far and get stuck inside.

You can also go for one handle prostate massager, but this requires you to be a little more active in your use. You can use the handle to reposition things, and you also have full control over the movement of your massager. You need to ensure the massager don’t get too slippy if this is your choice.

Can I Wear It Out And About?

You need to take your time and find a prostate massager with a flared, comfortable and discreet base if you want to wear it out. Prostate massagers with t-bar base design are usually the best for long-term wear.

Sitting down could be a problem if the angles aren’t quite right and being able to see prostate massager under your clothes when you move around would probably be quite embarrassing. So, when you are buying a prostate massager, make sure you pick a quality product.

How Much Does Prostate Massager Cost?

Price is also an important consideration when looking for a good prostate massager. It's entirely up to you and your budget but expects to spend a few dollars for a high-end massager. We strongly suggest that you pay a little more and get a toy from a reputable manufacturer when you are ready to purchase.

Think of the prostate massager as an investment and only spend the money if you’re sure the toy will last. Also remember that the toy requires additional parts such as attachments, lube, toy cleaner and many more to work correctly. If you can’t bear the price of the toy and all its necessary part, then you’re likely not to have the best experience possible.

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