Can Prostate Milking Prevent Prostate Illness?

Can Prostate Milking Prevent Prostate Illness?

Majority of men in their life suffer from a given type of prostate illness. In as much as prostate cancer is the most common, there are other killer diseases that largely impact a man’s life each day.  Prostate milking  has been given the approval as far as prevention benefits of this given disease is concerned

In an article on prostate milking, there are many health benefits associated with frequent massaging of the prostate.  Such benefits are the major factors why a majority of people choose to engage in prostate massage instead of hoping for higher levels of orgasms that some men want to experience. Not only does massaging induce pleasure, it also is beneficial to health when done the right way.

Benefits on can experience are diverse and can aid in the many different types of illnesses or problems one may encounter that are associated with the prostate. In our article, we would like to offer more insight into how prostate milking can aid in such circumstances.


Prostate Diseases

It is likely for one to have symptoms of a prostate disorder and not have any illness at all, though it is of paramount importance to have insight on things that can bring you issues in the future. The other two popular prostate disease apart from cancer are prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (or BPH).

 illustration of the prostate gland and its neighboring organs


This may not be easy to diagnose. This is because it comes in four different forms and each exhibits different symptoms. The four different types are  Acute Bacterial Prostatitis, Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis, Chronic Prostatitis, as well as  Asymptomatic Prostatitis.

  • Acute Bacterial Prostatitis:  This happens when bacteria build up in tubes connecting the kidneys and the bladder. Symptoms associated with this are inclusive of having difficulty while passing out urine, aching muscles as well as increased temperatures and chills.
  • Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis: This happens to be a   bacterial infection. The symptoms experienced are inclusive of urgency when you feel like urinating, having painful ejaculations as well as signs of blood in the semen. This type is not similar to acute bacterial prostatitis, as it can occur and recede any time giving one a false impression that they have been cured.
  • Chronic Prostatitis. This is not bacterial and you only get to experience pain for a prolonged period.  The pain is experienced on the lower part of the pelvis. Causes of this are inclusive of nerve damage, stress or even a physical injury. 
  • Asymptomatic Prostatitis. This is extremely difficult to notice because of its lack of specificity in symptoms, if left untreated it can lead to infertility. This can be diagnosed using a blood test and thus the reason why you need to see a doctor once you start experiencing any type of pain or something out of the ordinary with your prostate.


BPH or Enlarged Prostate

This is a non-cancerous growth associated with the prostate. It mostly happens in older men. It grows continuously for a couple of years and gets to a point where it now causes you issues. The growth eventually hinders the flow of urine which make the process of urination difficult and more often.  In instances where the growth completely blocks urine flow, there is a high likelihood that your kidneys risk being damaged.

Antibiotics, along with other forms of medication, are used in treating BPH  as well as prostatitis.  Whatever you will be given is highly dependent on how bad your infection is and if this is extreme, there may be a need for surgery. It is always important to always check in with your doctor in order to get any type of treatment with regards to your prostate. 


Other Prostate Problems

In as much as a majority of the prostate disorders can be broadly categorized in the above two categories, there are a couple of symptoms that prostate milking can help in reducing and some are not caused by the prostate.


Painful Ejaculation

Painful ejaculation is mostly caused by inflammation inside or around the pelvic area, it can also be due to a very tight pelvic floor muscle. It is important that you clear out all the fluids that build up in your prostate gland in order to help in reducing the feeling of inflammation that you will be experiencing. Milking the prostate can also help you in getting more control over your pelvic floor muscles which aids in easing them while reducing the pain you may feel as you ejaculate.


Erectile Dysfunction

Research on the benefits associated with this is not well articulated, though prostatic massage in most occasions is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Cleansing of the prostatic ducts and the area surrounding the prostate as well as the penis aids in increasing the flow of blood to the whole area.  Increasing blood flow can highly benefit erectile function though this is highly dependent on a person and the results are always diverse.


Urinary Pain/Flow Problems

In most of the occasions when one is experiencing difficulty in the process of urinating, it is usually caused by inflammation or even a swelling in or around the prostate gland. Milking the prostate would mean that you reduce on the collected fluid while making the process of urinating a better experience with less pain.  This should not be seen as a cure and you would need to consult with a doctor though it can help in reducing the discomfort you experience as you recover.

It does not matter the pain or symptoms you are working on reducing through milking your prostate, always remember to be gentle about it. Too much pressure or stress on a weak prostate will only lead to further issues for you.  In case you feel like milking your prostate can help you and are not sure how to go about it, you can seek professional help with that from a doctor. 

The most beneficial thing about milking is prevention rather than a cure.  If you begin doing this earlier, you are more likely to keep these symptoms at bay or even reducing your chances of suffering from any of the diseases.  There is even a notion that it helps in reducing risks of one getting a prostate cancer in the future.

The process of milking a prostate includes clearing liquids that are not needed, getting rid of bacteria, increasing blood flow as well as reducing the pressure that may have built upon the gland.  The above aids in reducing pain or even discomfort brought about by the said symptoms, this will ensure that you have a healthy and great prostate in your lifetime. However, ensure that you do not overdo this as this can lead to exhaustion for your prostate and bring you a fresh set of issues. 


A Note on Prostate Cancer

In case you suffer from a prostate cancer, it is important that you do not milk your prostate.  Clearing the fluid is found in your prostate can lead to an increase in blood flow to and out of the area which would mean that cancer cells can easily spread to other parts of the body.

In the same manner, bacterial infections associated with the prostate can spread through your bloodstream while you are milking, it is important, therefore, to be more cautious while milking. In case you have questions regarding milking your prostate, you should talk to a doctor to clarify that for you

We are hopeful that you now have more insight into the different types of symptoms a well as diseases that are likely to affect your prostate. You may have already gained more insight on when to milk your prostate in order to ease symptoms.  In order to ensure that you are doing this the correct way, ensure to read our guides on prostate milking as well as massage.  In case you want to maximize on a session, you can try working with a prostate massager.  It helps in easy stimulation of the prostate and it gets easier for you to experience all the health benefits that you need.

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