Can I Use My Anal Douche in the Shower?

Can I Use My Anal Douche in the Shower?

A majority of guides available mostly relay the message that one needs to be close to a toilet in order to be able to drop everything off at the right place when there is a need to do so. It is however okay for one to douche while in the bathroom. This presents one with the opportunity to have everything drained by the flowing water, and one can, in the long run, make this part of their showering routine.  In this case, one would still end up taking a shower, and it would not hurt to do the two at the same time.

It is important that you make sure that you have all that you need with you in order to avoid having to keep getting out of the shower to get the necessities.  You can choose to douche just before you begin taking a shower or even at the end, whichever the timing you choose to do this is highly dependent on you. While douching, ensure everything is done in the most normal possible manner, be cautious to avoid slipping. You can continue with the process and as soon as the water clears from your butt, you can continue with your shower.

Shower shots 

If in any case, you find enjoyment having your douching session during your shower time, you can take that a notch higher. A shower shot is a small nozzle that attaches to your shower hose in a direct manner thus fitting itself to the shower. Whatever one chooses is highly dependent on when they choose to use it and if it is all the time.  Having a shower shot douching nozzle helps you complete your anal douches while still in the shower and you do not need to have additional equipment to do the same, this also helps to quicken the process. Their use is not limited to hygiene only, they can also be used as a sex toy. Anal plugs and hollow glass plugs come into mind.

For those who have ever felt like partaking in anal douching and did not feel comfortable about the mess they would create, it could be your chance to try that in your shower.  With this done, you will end up feeling comfortable and clean from the inside out.

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