Wearing Plugs During Pregnancy

Wearing Plugs During Pregnancy

Being pregnant can be one of the happiest times in a woman’s life, but it can also be one of the most challenging times for a woman to be able to get herself sexually aroused.

She may be feeling many things, including general discomfort, constipation, and possible hemorrhoids, too.

These, along with many other side effects of pregnancy, prevent women from feeling at their best when they are carrying a child. Often women do not want to have sex and this can lead to problems within their relationship during their pregnancy.

But if you are pregnant and not at high risk during your pregnancy, then there is absolutely no reason as to why you should not enjoy yourself and make the most of your sex life while you still have the time!

Before you begin having fun though, check that you are safe to do so with your medical practitioners and whatever their advice, be sure to listen! You are not only responsible for yourself now, but you are also responsible for a passenger as well so you do not want to do anything that could be of detriment to you, your body or your baby. Everything you do when you are pregnant has some kind of impact one way or another on you and your baby, so think carefully about how sort of sexual acts you engage in can impact your baby.

This does not refer specifically to the more kinky, it can even be the more vanilla variety. You can still have fun though.

You may also be pleased to know that there are many different sex toys available on the market currently, which are safe for pregnant women to use. The most popular of which is the butt plug. These are immediately beneficial sex toys which can increase the pleasure of sex for both parties without causing pain, discomfort, or embarrassment in any way.

Using Butt Plugs when Pregnant

As with most things in life, the safety of using a butt plug when you are pregnant is very circumstantial, but generally, it is of little to no risk to you or your unborn child. The majority of online users reported their pregnant butt plug experiences as being positive and there were no severe side effects to doing so.

However, the women who were suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids were warned against using butt plugs or any other sex toys during their pregnancy so that no damaged was caused. This was for multiple reasons. With hemorrhoids, it is difficult to enjoy the insertion and pressure of retaining a butt plug and if the hemorrhoids were to rupture, large quantities of blood could be lost in a short space of time. Many hemorrhoids burst and as they are filled with blood, not only looks like a massacre has occurred but can also be somewhat painful, too. There is also the added complication when a woman has hemorrhoids that despite liberal quantities of lubricant, there may not be a way of being able to insert the butt plug at all.

For women suffering from constipation issues during their pregnancy, they are prone to feeling general discomfort and higher levels of dissatisfaction. Does it not seem somewhat contradictory that if your bowel movements cannot exit with ease, that you would be able to insert something into your butt with ease? As the uterus and abdomen are already extended with a baby, having a distended bowel increases the discomfort, especially if bowel movements have not occurred for longer periods of time. We want you to feel as sexy as possible, but when you are constipated and feeling bloated, it really is difficult, and we understand that.

There is good news though, there are some butt plug users who have found that the physical act of using a butt plug and plugging the anus acts as a trigger which you will certainly be very grateful for if you are a constipation sufferer.

So, is it safe to use butt plugs when you are pregnant? Yes, if you are a low pregnancy risk because it could be an amazing way to add a bit of spice into the bedroom and get away from the mundane vanilla if that is what you're looking for. It is also best to use sex toys with caution, especially when you are pregnant and most of all if you are not considered as a low-risk pregnancy. As a mother to be, you are wanting more than anything in the world to protect your unborn child, not harm it. Better safe than sorry!

The Risks of Using Butt Plugs When Pregnant

If you are considering using a butt plug and you are pregnant, then it is best that you know all of the facts before you do so.

Let’s take a look firstly at pregnant women who are not considered to be high risk in their pregnancy.

If no health risks or scares have been mentioned by your medical professional, then there should be no reason as to why you should not be able to use butt plugs safely while pregnant.

This is even more prominent if you are a woman who is used to wearing butt plugs pre-pregnancy and you continue to feel no discomfort when using them. This will probably enable your doctor to tell you that it is safe for you to continue using them during your pregnancy.

On the other hand, for women who are finding pregnancy difficult, are considered to be high risk or have never used butt plugs before, they need to be very careful in their use.

Particular health risks which may make butt plugs challenging to use are hemorrhoids, constipation, or bleeding. In these circumstances, medical professionals usually advise that butt plugs are not used and it is always best to seek this advice prior to using a butt plug. If you are already feeling hugely uncomfortable while you are pregnant, especially as you get closer to being full term, then you may not want to use a butt plug as it could increase the pressure and discomfort you are feeling even further. Always do what is best for you and your baby, and check things out with your doctor.

What is Placenta Previa?

Placenta Previa is a well-known condition which affects the placement of the placenta. To make a complicated situation as simple as possible, the placenta is low in the womb and doesn't always fully cover the cervix. Due to the placement of the placenta, anal sex, whether or not it includes sex toys, can be incredibly dangerous when a woman is pregnant. This is because anything used in the anus that is too long or too wide can damage the placenta and may cause the woman to bleed heavily. This is not always associated with anal sex toys but also anal sex with a penis. In situations where the woman has Placenta Previa, medical professionals advise that all sex is avoided so as not to risk the fetus.

Learn About Bacteria

As with any sex toys and pregnant or not, there are consequences we must all keep in mind regarding bacteria that can have implications in many different ways. It is best to learn how to keep your sex toys are hygienic as possible so as to avoid your chances of getting any form of secondary bacterial infection.

Pregnant or not, the first rule of butt plugs is that you must never share them. It doesn’t matter how well you know someone and get on with them, that doesn’t mean that their bacteria will work well with yours. Bacteria manifest easily, multiply quickly, spread rapidly and before you know it, you have a raging bacterial infection.

For some people, the idea of creating a barrier between a butt plug and their anus is not only time saving, but also increases the sanitation but also decreases the risk of bacterial infection hugely. To do this, a condom is advised.

Whenever you use your butt plug, always ensure that you wash it thoroughly after you have used it whether or not you have used it with a barrier protecting it. You can never be too careful and you would rather be safe than sorry!

Best Ways to Use a Butt Plug When Pregnant

· If you are medically advised not to use a butt plug – never go against this advice.

The most common reason for medical professionals to advise against sex, be it anal or vaginal, is because they worry that when a woman has an orgasm, it may induce premature labor.

In this case, if you are wanting to keep that bun baking until it is fully cooked, make sure you seek the advice of your doctor so that you know whether it is safe for you to participate in vaginal or anal sex…they may even say yes to butt plug play.

· Be as hygienic as possible.

We know that we have mentioned this before, but it can never be stated too much how important it is to wash any sex toys you choose to use prior and post use. This is especially important when you are pregnant because any bacteria from sex toys can have detrimental effects on a fetus if it is allowed to spread.

To make sure you are extra safe, it is recommended that you use a condom as a shield between your body and butt plug so that you are as fully protected as possible.

· If it hurts, STOP!

Do not make yourself continue through any pain barriers while you are pregnant. Pain is your body's natural way of telling you that something is wrong and that you should stop so listen to your body. Do not think that there will be pleasure after pain because when you are pregnant sex of any variety will not always ensure that this is the case.

Remember, a fetus is able to determine when its mother is not happy, and this can lead to a distressed and stressed-out baby. In the worst-case scenario, this situation can lead to a premature birth which is to be avoided at all costs. So, if you are not 100% comfortable, don't use a butt plug for sexual pleasures but find another way to get your rocks off instead.

· Don’t go at it too hard.

Pregnant or not, it is never a good idea to force a butt plug. If you do use force when using a butt plug, you could do serious damage to your body, which will almost certainly require medical attention immediately. If forcing a butt plug is not a good idea when you are at your toughest, then it certainly isn't a good idea when you are pregnant and your body is under the biggest amount of strain it will ever go through. During your pregnancy, you will be so much more sensitive in every area and you need to be aware of this, just as much as your partner does. You might be feeling rather frisky, but go steady, increase the lube quantities you are used to using, and ease yourself in one inch at a time.

· Lube quantities are majorly important!

As you will be hypersensitive during pregnancy, the more lube you use, the easier vaginal and anal penetration will be, the more satisfying and the less painful, if these are issues you are worried about. Decrease your risk of getting a yeast infection by obtaining classic style lubes without artificial scents and additional features – you won’t need them and you don’t want to risk an infection. As pregnancy already increase the risk of yeast infections, it is better to keep anything within your control to the absolute minimum. Lube with the most natural ingredients is, of course, the best for you, so try sticking to that.

· Find the best design and quality butt plug for you.

Due to your increased sensitivity when pregnant, you should stay away from participating in anything rough and this will also have an impact on the sex toys you choose to use.

Sometimes, smaller toys are better to play with when you are pregnant because sensitivity is heightened.

Although, a butt plug which is not big enough will do nothing but fall straight out and will have absolutely no impact on you whatsoever, so you need to find the right balance.

It is not advised that you start your anal butt plug experimentation process if you are pregnant and have never played with butt plugs beforehand.

A good piece of advice to be aware of is that low-quality butt plugs usually contain phthalates which pregnant women would be well advised to avoid. This is because they can seriously mess with hormones and imbalance them, which is absolutely not what is needed when a pregnant woman's hormones are already all over the place. Knowing also that there is multiple research showing how the endocrine system can be influenced by phthalates is another reason you would want to keep your fetus as far away from cheap butt plugs as possible.

Final Conclusion

There does not seem to be any serious harm in a pregnant woman of low risk wearing a butt plug, though there can be some types of anal play and some rougher sex toys which can be detrimental and should be avoided.

High or low risk in pregnancy, you should consult your medical professional as to whether it is safe for you to participate in any sexual act and the more specific areas.

Take note of what they say – they are not giving you advice for the fun of it, they are saying it to keep you and your baby safe. The majority of pregnant women are able to wear a butt plug during pregnancy with absolutely no problem and get a massive amount of enjoyment out of it, but if you hadn't tried it before you got pregnant, now is not the time to lose your butt plug virginity.

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