10 Best Sex Toys for Women in 2020

10 Best Sex Toys for Women in 2020

Sex toys have been around for tens of thousands of years. One of the first sex toys, referred to as bâton percé, was found in Europe between 30,000 - 12,000 years ago, making it one of the first recorded ice age dildos! While depictions of sex toys can be witnessed in the art of ancient civilizations too.

From Ancient Egypt's depiction of women wearing phallic strap ons, to worship the god Osiris, or the use of olive oil in ancient Greece as a lubricant for olisboi, which were stuffed phalluses made from polished leather and used as a toy for sex.

Depictions of toys for sex can be seen in ancient Greek vases of solitary female masturbation and accompaniments to group and oral sex.

Indeed over the course of centuries, female sexuality has been redefined by cultures, societies, and notably the male-dominated medical profession. In the medieval world, fear of normal female sexuality was rampant and embezzled with satan and witchcraft.

Then, in 18th century Europe, women could be diagnosed with hysteria for sexual advances or desire, and reference to hysteria can also be seen in 1900 BC Egypt and Ancient Greece.

In the 19th century, psychiatrists and gynecologists began to pave the way for cures of masturbation and nymphomania amongst women. It is no surprise then, that throughout the conservative Victorian era, a "passionlessness" ideology prevailed, whereby it was considered the norm for women to have no sexual desire.

However, these sexually oppressive ideologies are now agreed to be far from the evolutionary history of female sexuality. Anthropologists and psychologists have determined that females have played an active role in searching for multiple partners and sex outside of their relationships.

Thankfully, women sought to reclaim their sexuality, and worldwide movements such as the Free Love Movement of the 1860s and sexual liberation of the 1920s and 1960s paved the way for this. With these revelations came the advanced sex toys we are flooded with today.

Stone sex toys were replaced with rubber, which was later replaced with PVC. Until finally, in the 1990s, silicone became the material of choice. Resistant to damage, non-porous, and easily cleaned, silicone is the durable and sanitary gold standard. But the market is now flooded with more than just dildos, and it is easy to be overwhelmed with which toy is right for you.

We have compiled a list of the 9 best sex toys for women to help you decipher which is best for your solo use, use in couples or groups, and so that your pleasure needs are met.

Our top 10 best picks

1. Dildo Vibrator 10 Speeds

 Dildo Vibrator 10 Speeds

If you like a powerful sex toy experience and the orgasm(s) to match, then look no further. This product resembles a wand shape, however, it packs in much more in terms of features. Slightly curved and with subtle ribbing, this dual dildo and vibrator comes with 10 different speed settings that can be easily changed on a handy control panel at the base.

Made from silicone ensures this sex toy is both sanitary and durable. While aesthetically, you can choose which color you like from either rose or purple. The handle meets the vibrator with an elegant silver band, which adds to the sleek design of this product. Overall, it measures 206 mm length by 44mm diameter.

2. 2 Inch Mini Silicone Vibrator Plug

2 Inch Mini Silicone Vibrator Plug

This sensational butt plug is perfect for both experienced lovers of anal stimulation and beginners alike. Whether for solo sex or with a partner, this product works its magic by stimulating the back of the vagina wall and the anus, which is surrounded by nerve endings. Made from medical grade silicone means this 2 -inch butt plug is soft and gentle and it delivers an incredible 7 different vibration patterns. Guaranteeing, you will like it.

The curvature of this product allows for easy insertion while the stopper at the bottom makes entry feel completely safe. If you are a beginner, however, don't forget the lube. Unlike the vagina, the rectum does not self-lubricate. In addition to thoroughly disinfecting the toy afterward and if using it with multiple partners, you can always use a condom over it.

3. Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager

Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager

If you are looking for a toy that can be used solo or with a partner to give mutually intense orgasms, then look no further. This vibrating massager gives a gentle massage using vibrations that can be controlled and adjusted with easy to use buttons on the base.

The ability to adjust the type and speed of vibrations enables you to adjust this product to you and your needs. The versatility of this product is key thanks to both the dildo and massager component that comes in pink or purple and measures 175mm.

4. Dual Vibration 30 Speed G Spot Dildo Rabbit Vibrator

Dual Vibration 30 Speed G Spot Dildo Rabbit Vibrator

Choose from a stunning four colors with this rabbit dildo. The perks of a rabbit dildo are its dual functions. A soft, slightly curved dildo allows for easy and smooth penetration and finds your g-spot at great ease, while the rabbit "ears" vibrates your clit, before during or after insertion.

30 different speeds mean this 212mm dildo feels like a new product with each use. Explore your preferences alone or with a partner to satisfy your every need.

5. Rotating Dildo And Vibrator 2 Colors

Rotating Dildo And Vibrator 2 Colors

A firm favorite, this rotating dildo's robotic aesthetic, can look slightly intimidating. However, you will soon be at ease as a result of its versatile features and quick stimulation.

A reason why most like this product is that the dildo itself rotates and vibrates to create a memorable penetrative sex experience. Simultaneously, the rabbit head has a vibrator function to stimulate your clitoris. You can easily decrease or increase the speed of both rotation and vibration using a control panel on the side of the product. This product measures a pleasing length of 23cm by 2.76cm diameter.

6. G Spot Vibrator Dildo

G Spot Vibrator Dildo

Add some temperature play to the equation with this unique product, which features temperature controls of the actual dildo. In doing so, you can heighten and stimulate the senses for the ultimate pleasurable experience. All while the powerful rabbit head stimulates the clitoris for sensation overload and powerful orgasms.

Meanwhile, this dual rabbit and dildo has a handle with a hole in the middle, allowing you to have a firm grip and great maneuvering. This sexy toy is made from ABS material and comes in rose-red or purple, and measures 190mm by 33mm.

7. Heating Flex Rabbit Vibrator 2 Colors

Heating Flex Rabbit Vibrator 2 Colors

This product is the epitome of sleek and versatile. You can choose between a dusky pink or deep red to match your own aesthetic. 

Made from silicone, means that this product is easy to clean if things get messy, which wouldn't be surprising as this product is absolutely loaded with features. From vibrations to heating features, you can live out your every fantasy. Hot, cold, slow, fast, strong... however you like, the choice is at your fingertips with an easy to use control panel at the bottom of the vibrator.

8. Dual Vibrator Dildo Silicon

Dual Vibrator Dildo Silicon

This is the best investment if you are looking for a sexual toy to pleasure both you and your partner. The sleek and smooth design of this product makes it easy to insert in you as you pleasure your partner. Innovative design and perfectly planned dimensions allow you and your partner to climax simultaneously for the ultimate combined pleasure. 

Made from silicone and measuring 18.7cm by 10.7cm, this toy feels like nothing you have ever experienced. Firm but soft, you can choose from several different vibrating speeds and consensually surprise your partner with some of the best sex this toy has to offer.

9. Luxury Pretty Love 12 Speed G Spot Rabbit Vibrators

Luxury Pretty Love 12 Speed G Spot Rabbit Vibrators

You will wonder how you ever went without this all-in-one vibrator. Prepare yourself for the best sex as this is one of the best sex toys as it curves to the natural shape of your body and an easy to use handle with a sculpted hole enables you to maneuver it as you wish

Whether you are pleasuring yourself, using this with a partner, or a group, you don't want to miss this. Not only can this vibrator offer you double stimulation with its rabbit head, but it is waterproof so you can use it wherever you like. Control the vibration patterns with both dildo and rabbit with a super easy control panel. It measures a pleasing 210mm by 35mm.

10. Le Wand - Petite Rechargeable 10 Speed Vibrating Cordless Wand Massager

The famous Le Wand magic wand is a classic vibrator made from body-safe, silky smooth silicone. This magic wand is non-porous and skin-friendly. The massager cordless function means it can glide safely to explore yours or your partner's body with 10 vibration speeds and patterns. You are guaranteed to like the Le Wand as the head rotates at 360 degrees meaning you don't have to worry about friction if you get carried away.

How to use sex toys?

Sex toys are a great addition to the bedroom, whether for solo play or introducing a toy consensually with a partner may earn you extra brownie points!

If you like to experiment, there is a wide variety of products out there, and it is all about discovering what you like and then investing in the right product for you or your partner. These sexy toys are designed to be super easy to navigate, so take it easy, read the instructions, and follow these tips for the ultimate experience.

First and foremost, it is a good idea to read the instructions that come with your product or the product description from the website you buy it from. To get acquainted with its functions and how to clean it.

In general, before using your new product, it is good to take it slow with foreplay, oral sex, and whatever else you like to set the mood before jumping in with the product.

Thirdly, consider using a lubricant. Now, products have got a bit more advanced since the ancient Greeks and their diverse uses of olive oil. You can now buy different flavors, and sensational lubes. These are great and necessary for anal sex, and when using products like butt plugs, as unlike the vagina, the anus does not self lubricate. However, lubricants can be used for other forms of sex, not just anal. So make sure to invest and explore prior to trying out your new toy.

Make sure you thoroughly clean and disinfect your toys after using them. Products are commonly made from silicone, which is very easy to clean and generally waterproof. If you plan on using toys with multiple partners, consider also using a condom to avoid any unwanted bacteria or infection.

Where to buy sex toys?

You can find almost all of these products on pluglust.com, which offers a large range of affordable, high-quality products. Start your journey with one of our top picks above.

There are many websites you can buy sex toys from, such as Refinery29 or Dame products, that may earn commission when you buy from them the best sex toys. Dame products offer a variety of products from vibrators, bullets, couples kits, and more. They brand themselves on innovation. As engineers for sexual wellness, Dame products aim to increase education in the bedroom and bring safe tools to a welcoming community.

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