10 Best Sex Toys in 2020

10 Best Sex Toys in 2020


If you are looking to spice up your bedroom activities, whether that is with a partner or on your own, then you might want to try to buy something to help you out there. There are many different sexy toys available for both men and women, designed to stimulate almost every part of your body, ranging from simple and straightforward sex toys to wilder and more exciting, complex sexy toy design. If you can pick the right option for your needs, you may earn yourself the best orgasm of your life!

But that world of toys for sex is a huge one, with many different designs, makes, and types of sex toys out there, and choosing the best sex toys for your personal needs is difficult. It is not as simple as buying any old toy and hoping that you may earn a great orgasm as a result.

You need to choose the right option for your body and your preferences, and that is where we come in, with the help of media inc. We have put together a list of some of the best sex toys on the market (rights reserved), and there should be something on here for everyone, no matter whether you are into penetrative sex or something a little more unconventional. Read on below to find out how to buy something that is sure to help you achieve the best sexual experiences of your life!

1. G Spot Vibrator Dildo

G Spot Vibrator Dildo

One of the best and most impressive sexual toy designs for people with vaginas is the G Spot Vibrator Dildo. This sex toy combines penetrative power and gentle curvature to hit your g spot every time with the pleasant sensations of a vibrator, while also offering powerful clitoral stimulation thanks to the rabbit design, ensuring that you will be able to reach some of the strongest orgasms of your life when you use this sex toy.

It is easy to use and has an ergonomically designed handle to ensure that you can get a good, firm grip and use it comfortably without risking tired hands in the middle of a session.

As an added bonus, this vibrator dildo can change temperature. You can adjust it from a cold silicon device to something much warmer, allowing you to use it at whatever temperature feels most pleasurable for you.

2. Squirting Giant Silicone Realistic Dildo

Squirting Giant Silicone Realistic Dildo

Another excellent sex toy for people with vaginas, the Squirting Giant Silicone Realistic Dildo is undoubtedly one of the biggest sex toys out there, as well as one of the best. At a large (but not intimidating) 8 inches in length, this dildo promises to fill you up when you use it, in more ways than one!

As well as offering a large physical size, this dildo comes with a squirting feature, making things just that little bit messier and more lifelike! The veins on the shaft offer additional stimulation, and the sturdy silicon design is durable and long-lasting. In addition to this, it comes with a suction cup mounted on the base for use on a harness or just firmly fastening it to a flat surface for solo sex toy adventures!

This is more than large enough to satisfy expert sex toy users, but not so big that beginners can't get along with it. This is a great toy for sex for anyone, no matter how inexperienced with sex toys you may be!

3. Realistic Mouth With Tongue Anal Vagina Masturbator

Realistic Mouth With Tongue Anal Vagina Masturbator

The Realistic Mouth With Tongue Anal Vagina Masturbator is straightforwardly one of the best and most versatile sex toys for people with penises, providing you can cope with how it looks. This is a very realistic waterproof silicone device, with a mouth at one end for simulated oral sex and a vagina mounted at the other end.

This makes it look like some sort of alien creature, and many users find it a bit unsettling. If you can get past that, though, the sensations offered by this sex toy are incredible, and your partner can use it on you very easily if that is what you want from a sex toy!

As an added bonus, this is a sealed, waterproof toy, meaning that you can use it in the shower or bath without having to worry about damage to the toy. The silicone it is made from has a realistic skin look, and is durable and long-lasting, allowing you to get years of pleasure out of a single purchase!

4. Soft Silicone Dildo With Suction Cup 2 Sizes

Soft Silicone Dildo

Available in 2 different sizes, the Soft Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup 2 Sizes is a versatile and realistic toy that offers one of the best and most natural dildo experiences out there. The silicone used is soft but firm, giving a lot of pleasure and conforming to the shapes of your body comfortably.

It is also durable and long-lasting, so you can keep going for a long time with no need to worry about breaking your dildo! The silicone is flexible and easy to clean and maintain, keeping your dildo fresh, clean, and easy to use safely at all times with minimal maintenance required at any point.

With realistic two-tone colors and thick veins for added stimulation, this realistic dildo offers a very similar experience to a real penis, but with multiple size options available depending on what you feel like at any given moment.

There is also a suction cup mounted on the base, allowing you to use this entirely hands-free by sticking it to any flat, stable surface! With the large size clocking in at a generous 8.4-inch length and the small size at an accessible but still deeply satisfying 7.2 inches, this dildo is an excellent option for beginners and more experienced users alike!

5. Black 350mm Smooth Silicone Urethra Plugs

Black Smooth Silicone Urethra Plugs

One of the best unisex toys out there, the Black 350mm Smooth Silicone Urethra Plugs are flexible, suitable for anybody, and can help you to achieve a powerful orgasm at any time.

Inserting a plug into your urethra might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if it is a sensation that you enjoy and a butt plug just isn't quite enough for you, then you won't find a better product than this. The plug set contains a range of 7 different widths, ranging from the small and simple 4.5 mm urethra plug to the larger, more dramatic 11.5 mm plug.

All sizes are smooth, flexible, and easy to maintain. No matter what width you choose to use, they are all the same length - 32.5 mm, chosen to ensure there is no risk of injury when using these urethra plugs. They also feature a wider head mounted on one end, ensuring that the plug cannot disappear down your urinary tract while you use it!

6. 6 Inch Silicone Vibrating Flexible Suction Cup Dildo

6 Inch Silicone Vibrating Flexible Suction Cup Dildo

Combining all of the advantages of a realistic silicone dildo with those of an advanced vibrator, the 6 Inch Silicone Vibrating Flexible Suction Cup Dildo is one of the best options for a great sex experience.

This vibrator dildo hybrid can give you hours of pleasure without you ever having to put in any work, thanks to its included remote control feature. This means that you can adjust the vibrations to fit your needs perfectly with no need to fiddle around with settings!

The dildo is made from a realistic soft silicone material, with veins wrapped around its wide girth for added stimulation. The choice of materials gives it a realistic, skin-like look, as well as a comfortable and flexible feel and an easy to clean, durable construction that promises low maintenance and hours of fun with the vibrator without having to worry about damage to it during sex. This great sex aid offers everything you might want from a vibrator and everything you might want from a dildo, all packed into one handy and convenient toy!

7. Purple Stitching Faak New Silicone Realistic Dildo Stitching Color

Purple Stitching Faak New Silicone Realistic Dildo

The "Realistic" in the name of the Purple Stitching Faak New Silicone Realistic Dildo Stitching Color refers to the shape, not the color. Or at least, we can only assume it does, as most people don't tend to have black balls and a deep purple shaft unless something has gone horribly wrong!

The body of this dildo is made from sturdy, durable silicon, and its 8-inch length is more than enough to give you all the pleasure you could ever want from one of the best dildos around.

Ribbed with veins for added pleasure, the shaft is made from flexible, durable silicone, allowing you to make sure this sex toy is at the perfect angle for you to achieve the maximum pleasure, with no risk of the product breaking or tearing during sex. It also features a detachable sucker on the base, allowing you to stick it to smooth surfaces for hands-free sex play!

8. Time Delay 4.5cm Silicone Smooth Cock Ring

Time Delay 4.5cm Silicone Smooth Cock Ring

To boost the clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex, the Time Delay 4.5 Silicone Smooth Cock Ring might be a great option. This is a small, unobtrusive, and advanced vibrating cock ring with an inbuilt time delay clitoral vibrator mounted on it.

The vibrating cock ring fits tightly around the base of the erect penis, giving pleasant sensations and a little boost to sexual pleasure, while the clitoral stimulator mounted to it will massage the clitoris as you thrust. In addition to this, you can use the time delay vibrator function to ensure that this starts vibrating at a time of your choosing, acting as a clitoral stimulating vibrator to help with reaching a more powerful orgasm at the perfect time.

This ring and vibrator is an excellent choice for couples, offering additional stimulation and pleasure to both partners during sex, without any of the complications of a standard vibrator thanks to its helpful hands-free design!

It is made from medical grade black silicone for safety, durability, and easy cleaning. Keeping this ring in perfect condition is easy, and with only a little maintenance, it should keep pleasuring both you and your partner for years to come!

9. Luxury Pretty Love 12 Speed G Spot Rabbit Vibrators

Luxury Pretty Love 12 Speed G Spot Rabbit Vibrators

Combining the power and smooth design of a bullet vibrator with all the clitoral power of a magic wand, the Luxury Pretty Love 12 Speed G Spot Rabbit Vibrators is one of the most powerful and effective rabbit vibrators available on the market.

The rabbit attachment offers stimulation of your clitoris almost as powerfully as you could achieve with a magic wand or a bullet vibrator, packed into a small and attractive device designed to hit your g spot for maximum pleasure every time. The vibrations work effectively on the penetrative part as well as on the rabbit ears on the outside of the vibrator, stimulating you thoroughly both inside and out.

The levels of vibration can be easily adjusted with the control panel mounted on the base, and the handle is designed with an ergonomic hole in it, allowing a firm grip in a range of positions for either you or your partner to use, ensuring that you don't suffer from exhausted, cramping hands before you have finished!

As an added bonus, the durable silicone coating also ensures that this rabbit vibrator is waterproof, allowing you to use it in the bath or shower if you want, and making the process of cleaning it after use much easier and quicker.

10. Ribbed Dog Dildo Suction Cup 3 Colors

Ribbed Dog Dildo Suction Cup

For those who want something a little more rugged and exciting than a dildo designed to realistically mimic a human penis, the Ribbed Dog Dildo Suction Cup 3 Colors is a great choice. This is a durable, simple dildo that offers powerful stimulation and great orgasms every time, thanks to its dog curved shaft and deep, dramatic ribbing for added pleasure.

The silicone used for this dog dildo is durable enough that it will probably outlive you no matter how heavily you use it, and the curvature and ribbing of the shaft will help you reach a bone-shaking orgasm every single time. The TPE ribbed detail is dramatic and impressive looking and offers spectacular pleasure no matter where you insert it or how hard and fast you go.

In addition to its pleasurable design, this dildo also features a durable suction cup, allowing you to firmly and reliably affix it to any smooth surface in your home for hands-free play even when you are going hard and fast or using multiple toys. This is a dildo designed for heavy, intense use in vigorous activities, so you never need to worry about damaging it or tearing the silicone, no matter what you are using it for or where you are putting it!


These are just a few of our favorite sex toys that are currently available. The market is an enormous one, and there are sex toys designed for everybody and every preference out there. The list above is merely a good starting point, and we have tried to ensure that there is something on there for you no matter what your body may look like or what sort of sexual activity you may be into.

Whether you are a seasoned sex toy veteran or a novice looking to buy their very first toy, the perfect sex toy for you is out there somewhere, you just need to find it. There is no reason not to experiment, though! The more things you try out, the more different things you might find that you like, and if it turns out you are not into it, you haven't lost anything.

The world of sexual aids is a diverse and exciting one, and there is always something new out there to help spice things up if you are looking for a change or to try something new!

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