Best Sex Games in 2020

Best Sex Games in 2020

Every sexually active person will know how fun a sex game can be to spice things up in the bedroom. Whatever your reason, there are so many options out there that it can be hard to choose.

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Read on to find out some of the best sex games around in 2020 that will leave you satisfied and happy.

1.Date Night Box Set

Product Details

Date Night Box Set is a box filled with cards that consist of ‘talk,' ‘flirt' or ‘dare.' They can either be used as an intimate tool in the bedroom between a couple, or as a discussion aid at a more mature gathering. There are a lot of cards and therefore a lot of straight forward, no fuss fun to be had.

Key Features
  • 3-in-1
  • Couples or groups
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Sexy Fun

2. After Dinner Amusements: Truth or Dare for Couples: 50 Questions and Challenges

Product Details

This is a box of cards filled with questions and challenges for couples to ask and set each other. They are all sexual in their nature and are definitely intended to arouse. They are a cheap and easy, fun addition to the bedroom. So get your vibrators and dildos in order for this adventure.

Key Features
  • Cheap
  • 50 Cards
  • Fun
  • Imaginative

3. Box of Dares: 100 Sexy Prompts for Couples

Product Details

Box of Dares: 100 Sexy Prompts for Couples is a box full of 100 cards that are intended to spark some ideas and get the imagination flowing in the bedroom. You can even make use of sex toys at your disposal. Whether you are looking to spice things up or just add a bit of something different into your bedroom routine, this is a fun game that promises lots of sexual pleasure as well.

Key Features
  • 100 Prompt Cards
  • Foreplay Tool
  • Fun
  • Romantic

3. Cosmo’s Truth or Dare: Our Naughtiest Sex Game Ever!

Product Details

Cosmo’s Truth or Dare: Our Naughtiest Sex Game Ever, is just that – a naughty sex game for couples to indulge in. It consists of a number of playing cards with the option of ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ written on them for you to choose and read aloud for the other person to either answer or act out.

It is intended as a foreplay tool and a bit of sexy fun as well.

Key Features
  • Playing Cards
  • Sexy Truth or Dare
  • Couples Game
  • Fun

Sex Game Buying Guide

Why are you playing?

Why are you playing this sex game? Do you want to try challenging ways to use your tail plugs? Your reason is bound to be different from the next persons.

Regardless, sex games are a good and fun way to kick start things in the bedroom or break the ice in a new relationship; or even, if needed, to spice things up in a long-term, well-established relationship.

In fact, there are so many reasons why people decide to try sex games such as;

People look to spice things up in an old relationship:

Maybe your sex life has hit a rut, and you are looking for ways to fire things up a bit. Sex games are an excellent choice for this! They are a great way to try new things in the bedroom that you may not have even thought you wanted to try. 

You want to reconnect with your partner:

After being together for a while, some people find that the spark fizzles out around everyday life. It can be easy to get back to each other with the right sex game and the right connection. You may even find something new to bond over!

Explore each other’s likes and dislikes:

Maybe your relationship is still new, and you are looking at ways to get to know each other in the bedroom as well as outside of the bedroom. In that case, you may be drawn to trying out a sex game or two.

To discover new things:

Perhaps there are things that you have always wanted to try, but you have never had the courage to bring them to the table with your partner. Playing a sex game is a great way for both of you to explore these things that have been sitting and waiting on your sexual bucket lists. You never know, you might just surprise each other.

Who are you playing with?

If you are playing with your partner, then you may want to find a more intimate sex game to play with them that enables you to enjoy a deeper exploration of each other’s wants and desires. This is especially true in the case of couples who are hoping to use a sex game to reconnect with each other sexually and mentally.

If you are a bit more adventurous and are experimenting with a group, then there is also a world of options out there for you as well including some of the sex games listed and discussed above! As long as you are safe and comfortable, there is no reason to not explore!

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