10 Best Male Vibrators in 2020

10 Best Male Vibrators in 2020



This mouth masturbator will definitely give you pleasure as you’ve never experienced it before. Featuring a flesh-colored hypoallergenic material alongside realistic lip features, you’ll be able to have all the orgasms you want with a realistic sex toy like no other. One of the great things about this vibrator is that you can use it alone or with a partner! The vibrator itself feels firm but super flexible and can be used with your hands or without and can be changed between 10 different settings. You can even take this vibrator with you for stimulating adventures on the go as it is small and lightweight.

Key features:

+ TPE Material
+ Flesh colored
+ Realistic
+ Suitable for couples or alone
+ 10 vibrator settings



This 5-inch prostate massaging vibrator will provide heavenly stimulation to those looking for an orgasm from their prostate. Whether you’re a novice to anal sex or an experienced user, you’ll be able to reach high orgasmic heights with the help of this toy. Featuring incredible quality silicone with a velvety texture and sensual touch for exhilarating culmination. The soft feel allows you to easily negotiate a smooth insertion of your massager to even the tightest of areas and thanks to the embossed surface you’ll have stimulation right through your anus. You’ll also be able to take your new toy into the water as it is entirely waterproof. There’s even a unique elastic cock ring included in this vibrator to help make insertion the most exciting and safe fun you’ve ever had.

Key features

+ Waterproof
+ 10 vibrator settings
+ Delicate silicone
+ Cock ring



This vibrator comes in the form of a colorful and playful butt plug which is made of medical silicone to help give you the most sensitive stimulation ever. This anal butt plug is soft to touch, pleasant while inside you and entirely hypoallergenic to allow even the most sensitive of skins a good time. The plug also features a rounded tip which enables you to have a pleasant penetration suitable for even the beginners of anal sex. There’s even a stopper at the bottom so you can orgasm at ease knowing it’s safe. You’ll also be able to change the vibration to your mood of choice thanks to the 7 different vibration settings.

Key features

+ Waterproof
+ Medical silicone
+ Easy to use
+ 7 Vibrator settings

Male Vibrator Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a Male Vibrator?

You’re probably more than aware that women around the globe enjoy time spent with a vibrator either with a partner or alone. But did you know that men can also join in the fun too?! There’s still some taboos around men using sex toys. Luckily for you and your penis, the sex toy industry has become more aware of your penis’ pleasurable needs. There are so many vibrators out there on the market today that you’ll be able to give yourself pleasure from the tip to shaft and your prostate. There’s not one part of your body that can’t be caressed and stimulated into one of the best orgasms of your life with a vibrator. But where do you start looking for the perfect vibrator to get you off? We’ve created a handy go-to guide with some tips of what to look for when purchasing your male vibrator.

What type of vibrator do you want?

There are many different types of male sex toys, and they are all ready to pleasure you in different ways. There are 6 different types currently out there, they include:

Masturbator toys: These male masturbators are the most bought male vibrator, and they work in a way which allows you to enjoy a simulated experience in the same way as having your penis devoured by your partners' lips.

Cock rings and cages: This type of vibrator works great for those men out there that love stimulation from the base of the penis. Cock rings restrict the blood flow while sending vibrations down your shaft, you’ll be sure to enjoy a stronger erection and prolonged enjoyment.

Prostate massagers: If you’re looking for something of a more intense orgasm a prostate massager is the one for you. The prostate gland is incredibly sensitive, and when mixed with a vibrator you’re in for a hell of a climax.

If you’re still wondering what type of vibrator you would like it’s worth taking into consideration the following questions:

What are you into? Pain or sensual pleasure?

Does your vibrator need to be discrete? Or can you get the most intensive, loud and huge vibrator possible because you’re serious about your orgasm?

Do you have sensitive skin? You will need to make sure you opt for vibrators made from silicone, metal or glass as they are hypoallergenic.

What are you playing with? Alone or with a friend, or two.

What kind of budget do you have? We normally know money cannot buy happiness, but it can definitely buy you one of the best orgasms of your life. Trust us. We splurged.

Are vibrators safe?

Of course, vibrators are safe as long as you check the following: 

  • Make sure the product is made from good quality material like BPA or anything with phthalates.
  • The cheaper the vibrator, the cheaper the plastic. And the less fun you’ll get.
  • Make sure the vibrator is suitable for the fun you want. There’s no point trying to stick a standard vibrator into your anus unless you have a massive fetish for ridiculous amounts of pain and a trip to A&E.
  • Make sure you clean your toy after every use, that way you’ll be able to use it straight away when you’re horny next time.

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