Animal Transformation Fetish

Animal Transformation Fetish

Animal transformation fetish is a type of fetish that has animals and tails are involved. It is one of the transformation fetishes that is commonly known as TFing or TeeFing. This type of fetish involves getting sexually aroused by the thought of turning into an animal or turning someone into one wearing those fluffy bunny tails for example.

This type of fetish can in the real sense be enjoyed in reality though most people love to indulge in the same while online majorly. This is associated with the fact that this type of fetish is unique in nature and also in a way it cannot even take place. Though if you stick to having this done online, it allows for participants to engage in the fantasy fully. Ready your wolf tails or any sex toy you have with you as this fetish can be very spontaneous.


What is Animal Transformation Fetish?

Though it may seem like a simple idea to undertake in this kind of transformation, there is usually many details that are part of the whole process. The most basic mode of engagement in this kind of fetish involves fantasies of having paws or raccoon tails. It involves fetish kind of art as well as roleplay in an online setting. This type of fetish on most occasions involves having themes such as those of bestiality as well as zoophilia, this makes it even rare for persons to involve themselves in as far as real life is concerned. 


How do people transform?

In case the transformation takes the form of writing or even art, you will mostly find that themes will keep recurring during the process. Majorly, males who take part in transformation usually gain bigger muscles and this would lead to their clothes tearing apart as the body experiences changes and growth. Women, on the other hand, would get extra nipples on their stomachs. For both sexes, there is again in the excess hair on their bodies and this will in time grow into fur. This type of transformation is as a result of  a variety of reasons which include:

  • Getting into a location that is cursed.
  • Injection
  • The act of an animal attacking you or biting you.
  • When the animal touches you (this is at times referred to as the virus transformation)
  • Transformations that are inanimate, this means turning into a statue.
  • Second skin transformation- this involves the gradual growth which covers the entire body.
  • Putting on a costume of an animal and this may not be removed as this tightens around you to become your own body. Try wolf tail plugs with the attire and the immersion becomes even more intense.
  • Alterations of the body or even transformations that happen partially.

If in any case, someone decides to partake of an animal transformation scene and in real life, it is important that they suspend disbelief to some level. It is easy to follow most of the scenarios that one chooses though you may not be in a position to achieve the level of stimulation you need for some aspects involved in the transformation. If the partners involved consent to going the extra mile of believing in role play, it can be a gratifying experience for both of them in as much as there are limitations associated with this type of fetish.

This type of transformation does not necessarily involve animals. Most people have fun morphing to animals by wearing adorable plugs such as pony tails. It also does not always need to be sexual in any way. There are also events available around the globe and one can go and choose to live like an animal of their choice for a couple of days. If you would like to partake in animal transformation, you will easily find that there are people in the world who also find enjoyment in doing the same. It can take a bit of time to come across them for this is known to be one of the most extreme kinds of animal roleplay.

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