Animal Roleplay and Petplay: Is There a Difference?

Animal Roleplay and Petplay: Is There a Difference?

Animal role play can be an interesting thing for a bedroom role play. There are many accessories available such as tail butt plugs, collars and leads that can help you imitate your animal of choice. It always does not necessarily need to end up in the bedroom. Some people find that bunny tails are adorable. Most people across the globe have fun role-playing as a variety of animals in all manner of situations.

Role-playing might sound new but it actually isn't. There have been records in the past where couples do unconventional things to turn their selves on.

Historic Animal Role-play

Practices associated with animals can trace their roots to tribal cultural practices around the world. Ancient Egyptians personified Gods as animals such as cats while Native Americans used animal role play in their rituals as well as displays. The animal personified differed from one tribe to another and this had a spiritual affiliation.

Regularly, tribes would hold certain animals in high regard and they believed that by honoring them as deities, they would get a reward of some sort. This could be animals they wanted to hunt and they believed their pursuits would have great success. Regardless of a tribe’s role play, the end result was always of benefit. 

Rituals are observed to date in different measures.

Some parts of the world especially in the developing world, a lot of tribes give honor to their animal of choice to date. While in other parts, animal spirits or guides have been believed to help people out as long as they live. Such people feel associated to an animals spirit and they can reveal characteristics associated with the chosen animal. A good example is the imitation of the grace of a swan intentionally or subconsciously.

Educational Animal Roleplay

The most efficient use of animal role play is educational functionality. While this is a reserve for younger kids, the method is still effective in the conveyance of messages to kids brains as well as ideas. Different scenarios can be played with teachers imitating animal characteristics or asking kids to do the same which can help to pass on ideas while helping kids with skills such as social interaction and working in teams.

two women on cat costumes

Recreational Animal Roleplay

The thought of being something else even for a minute is quite fascinating. Behaving like an animal can make one experience pleasure in different scenarios, whether in fancy dress-up parties, performances or mere game playing. With the existence of humans, we are bound to always be pretending to be something that we are not. Often times we imitate animals that are close to us. Dogs come to mind as they are playful and loving.

Sexual Animal Roleplay

Most roleplay is done with an innocence purpose but most times it finds its way to the bedroom. Forms that come with this are very diverse just as other activities associated with the bedroom. Of paramount importance is to note that those who practice sexual animal role play are not into zoophilia or bestiality.

For some people, this means simplicity. Majority of the couples nuzzle their partners in the same fashion as lions and tigers. They even work on rubbing and stroking specific parts of the body in the same way animals do. Doggy style is also another form of role play done in a similar manner as that of animals This remains to be a very basic role play that majorly physical.

For some people, spirituality is a thing. Breaking free from your usual and taking the spirit of an animal can bring you freedom and liberation. This type of role play does not necessarily have a big impact on actual sex and it can be gratifying for you and change you in different ways. A good example is people who play wolf may be rough as compared to those who play as a butterfly.

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For some, they take in a little bit further. They dig deeper into BDSM elements of animal-human relationships and even work on restraining their partners with tools to blend into their chosen animal. This is not limited to the physical. The treatment they give their partners is mirrored in their animal of choice and can be at times close to abuse.

What is petplay?

This is a different form of animal role play and a bit hard to explain. Petplay is another variation on animal role play that is a little more subtle and hard to explain. The most important aspect is there is a dominant and submissive partner. The dominant owns the submissive as their pet and they both act their roles within a set of an agreement. You can wear fox tails and roleplay as a wise manipulating partner, the imagination is your limit.

In any given petplay, one needs to establish boundaries and their intention before they can start on a session. The ultimate goal is to have fulfillment for both parties and therefore it is important to set goals and limitations to be sure what expectations are there beforehand. Such agreements are done formally through a contract that both parties have to sign and this usually comes with a safe word that both parties use to stop the session anytime they wish.

You can also have a candid discussion on the form of petplay you are searching for. Some people want to just have the headspace of a role and not engage in all activities associated with a specific animal and ownership by a master. While some prefer to experience it all from being fed, nurtured and taken care of by their owners.

The other interesting part is on the decision on whom to take which role. Petplay is not the same as animal role play as it does not entirely rely on animals. Pet playing in a relationship can take the form of both partners being humans and taking aspects of slave-like play or actions related to animals that agree with their personalities.

Petplay, in general, does not need to have BDSM aspects. It may just be acceptance of an animal role while having fun through the process. There is no need to perform as an actual animal but you can take a fantasy being.


This is a term that is often used in petplay. It is used to give a description to the state of mind one is usually in when settling for a given role. This narrows down to an individual level as the majority of the people find it a great way to escape from their everyday life while embracing animal aspects that present a simplified life. Embracing an animal headspace completely can be draining and this is why it is recommended you get time to recover later.

Types of sexual animal roleplay and petplay

As seen above, there are diverse personalities that people can adopt during role play and even involve mythical beasts that are non-existent. Because of this, people who engage in this usually categorize themselves in groups where they can share their experiences.

Such are put into groups with types of animals and the most common are:

Ponyplay: This has become a favorite for role players because of the prestige that comes with horses. You can act like an animal through the feeling you get is that of a princess. It involves a lot of equine animals such as unicorns.

Pup-play: This is a good one for those who love dogs it caters for all tamed household canines and others such as wolves.

Kitten-play: In the same way as dog lovers, cat lovers also have communities of their own. This category covers for domesticated cats as well as tigers and lions.

Fox-play: Many people see them as part of the dog family but it is important to separate them. Foxes have become a favorite with role players as there are different types of foxtails in different colors and lengths.

Cow/Livestock-play: This is not so common though people still indulge in livestock elements of role play. How seriously one takes this is dependent on a person and in some communities, it is not unimaginable for an owner to trade their cattle.

Fantasy-play: This trickles down to the type of fantasy universe one decides to play in. There are a lot of sites dedicated to My Little Pony though it can be hard if one loves playing a less popular fantasy franchise.

You may have already noted that these terms are used are infantile, pup as well as kittens. It may not be unimaginable for people to assume the adult versions of animals in petplay though the most common is always to adopt a child like version. A younger version of an animal presents role players more role-playing opportunities such as training and nurturing them.

Examples of petplay

In as much as animal role-playing is one simple imaginable thing, it is a bit hard to tell what takes place when people are pet playing. Just as with role-playing, the situation is often referred to as a scene. Petplays can be diverse depending on a persons imagination but most couples do a few popular ones.

Training is basically the beginning of scenes and the main reason people prefer to roleplay as younger animals. As an owner, the treatment given to an animal would be similar to that of actual animals and the actions can vary from feeding by hand as well as giving them drinks from bowls. If the pet does well, they are given rewards and punished if the opposite happens.

In case you would like to bring food into the picture, always ensure that this is human food. Food meant for pets is not good for people and therefore it is important to find something that looks similar to that but healthy. Cereals are a great substitute for a dog as well as cat biscuits while tuna and meat products look like an original food that a pet would take. If a given pet loves a specific treat, this can be included in scenes and therefore you need to take into consideration what your partners prefer and include this.

Confinement is also a popular element of pet play. Such is inclusive of chaining someone up, caging or putting on a lead. The restraints serve as a good way to get the pet feeling that they are owned awhile making the experience original. It is important that you do not extend the sessions as this can lead to physical or psychological damage to your pet.

It is not unimaginable for pets and their owners to participate in public displays. This is, however, something that needs to be agreed on by both parties. This, however, doesn’t mean having to walk in town with a lead on your partner. There are available festivals across the world that give owners and their pets a platform to compete as well as take part in displays. Such as most popular with ponyplay lovers owing to the fact of their dressing nature having a horse.

In all aspects, sex can be a great part of a petplay relationship. If one decides to settle on this, it is of paramount importance that to know if one is behaving like a human as they impersonate their choice of animals. Most people find comfort in adopting pet like elements in their bedrooms though not ideally having sex with an animal.

These elements are a part of submissive partners showing ownership to their dominant partners. It is dependent on a person how far they choose to go with this. For some, it is just playing as well as a casual experience done occasionally and others it is done more often while they give their rights completely to their dominant partner for longer periods of time.

Finding a pet

Whichever way one chooses to work around role-playing, it is important that each party is in agreement. Mismatching can present unpleasant experiences and danger for both parties.

When choosing your roe, it is great to have a candid talk with your partner. It may take time to do everything at once but with time you will build upon this as long as each of you is comfortable. Having the right partner will actually help you delve further into role-playing.

Whatever works for you, always remember to have a safe word and ensure you prioritize your partners' comfort. Never allow for abuse to take place, great role-playing leaves either side fulfilled, having found satisfaction and in other instances sexually pleased.

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