Guide to Cleaning Anal Sex Toys

Guide to Cleaning Anal Sex Toys

The number of people embracing anal sex has been growing exponentially for some time. Corresponding to this growth is the variety of anal sex toys on the market. Toys such as prostate massagers, anal vibrators, anal hooksbutt plugs, and anal beads have become essential for anal play regardless of whether the player is solo or with a partner.

These toys are now considered major contributors to anal pleasure for both men and women. Considering that they are primarily inserted into the anus, their cleanliness is of paramount importance to users’ health.

 Why You Need To Clean Your Sex Toys

Sex has always been a risky affair. The proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases has been of concern to everyone. Sex toys represent an aspect of sex that can equally present a lot of risks if the proper precautions are not adhered to. This very true with anal douches and shower enemas as these tools are related to the region of the rectum. There is a lot of bacteria in there that should not be present in other more sensitive regions of the body.

The first concern with anal sex toys is hygiene. These toys are used in the anus which is an orifice for passing out feces. Feces are known to carry millions of bacteria that can be harmful to humans. Because of this, it is critical that all toys used for anal play must meet very high hygiene standards. Bacteria from the anus can stick on the surface of the toys or can be embedded inside if the toy is made of porous material.

The bacteria can cause the toy’s surface to break down creating the risk of injuring yourself when you use the toy. The bacteria embedded in the toy can also multiply or mutate and cause serious infections when reintroduced to your anus. Cleaning anal toys thoroughly after every use is, therefore, a crucial component of their regular maintenance.

The second concern with anal sex toys is sharing. The ideal situation is for you to exclusively use anal toys without sharing with someone else. The reality is that some toys are pretty expensive and you may find yourself sharing your toys with someone else. The anus does not only carry bacteria but can be home to viruses and other pathogens. When you share toys you increase the risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, Hepatitis and many others.

If you must share your toys, it is advisable to use a condom on the toy the same way you would use on a penis. This will prevent any pathogens from coming into contact with your anal lining. You should ensure that the condom is changed between users. In case a condom is not available then the toy must be thoroughly cleaned before being used by the next person.

 What Happens If I Don’t?

If your anal toys are never cleaned, you will expose yourself to the risk of yeast or bacterial infections. These infections can be quite nasty and can lead to hospitalization. In case you share your toys with someone else there is a high risk of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis or even HIV.

When toys are left without cleaning the dirt and bacteria will lead to a breakdown of the toy’s surface. Such damage can result in sharp edges causing injury when the toys are used. It also means that you will need to replace your toys frequently.

 How to Clean Anal Toys

Sex toys can be grouped depending on which materials they are made of. The general grouping is for porous and non-porous materials. Although there are many ways to clean your anal toys, these two broad categories will determine which method of cleaning is applicable for the toys you own.

structure porous material magnified

 Porous Materials

Porous materials are very tricky when it comes to cleaning. These materials contain pores which allow bacteria to enter inside the toy. Examples of porous materials include latex, jelly, cyberskin, rubber and many more. Porous materials are known to exhibit fluidity which makes them preferable to some users.

The pores make it very difficult to clean porous anal toys. However, cleaning them requires thoroughness and needs to be done after every use. In cases where there is uncertainty, you should cover them with condoms.

Porous toys should be cleaned using plain warm water because the use of soap may leave residues in the pores. These residues can be shed into your body when using the toys. After cleaning with plain water the toys can be dried using paper towels.

Non-porous Materials 

Nonporous materials are solid with no pores. These include glass, steel, and silicone. These materials are easy to clean and are considered safer compared to the porous materials.

Nonporous materials can be washed in many different ways. You can simply place the toy in boiling water and leave it for some time. After about ten minutes, remove the toy and dry it.

These toys can also be cleaned in a dishwasher. Warm, soapy water can also be used on nonporous materials. It is important to rinse the toys thoroughly to remove any soap residue.

While soap and water will kill most germs effectively, you may opt to use a sex toy cleaner which is a specially formulated cleaner for sex toys. This will save you any worry about soap residues on toys that are not well rinsed.

For anal sex toys that vibrate, it’s important to clean them too. However, caution should be exercised to ensure they are not immersed in water. Water may cause electric shock and may damage the electronic parts. Vibrating toys can be wiped using a cloth soaked in soapy water.

Finally, anal sex toys are meant to give you sensuous pleasures every time you use them. Since these toys are inserted into your body it is obvious that if they are contaminated, then they are likely to cause infections and unnecessary suffering. It is advisable that you take your health seriously by ensuring that your toys are always clean and are stored correctly. If possible avoid sharing your toys with other people to avoid cross-infecting each other.

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