Staying Safe With Anal Beads

Staying Safe With Anal Beads

Anal beads are one of the safest types of sex toy out there for anal play. These beads are usually inserted into the rectum gently, one bead at a time. The main reason why people use these beads is for the extra stimulation of pulling them out when having an orgasm. However, anal beads may look a little funny or even be intimidating, but once you understand how to use them and their safety precaution, then they will quickly become one of your favorite sex toys. Let's take a look at things you need to know about staying safe with anal beads.

Can They Get Stuck?

 One common question people do ask when it comes to putting anything inside their anus is whether or not the beads can get stuck?  Once the anal beads moved past the sphincters, your anus and rectum will naturally swallow and gradually pull the beads inwards towards your colon, which is somehow dangerous but it shouldn’t happen as long as you buy good anal beads.

The base of the bead is one thing that can stop your anal beads from moving down into your body. The base can take on multiple forms, such as a T-bar design that sits between your butt, or as a flared base that sits like a stopper on your anus, or a pull ring pattern which serves as a handle to help you get the beads out. All these three designs are excellent, so you can pick up whichever kind you prefer.

Appropriate Materials

Anal beads are sold in a variety of sizes, colors, and material. Silicone, rubber, jelly, latex, flesh-like, TPE, TPR, metal, glass, steel, stainless steel, and many others are some of the types you will see out there. While some of these materials are completely safe, others are a little more questionable, so you’ll want to ensure you’re buying a quality set of anal beads.

Silicone, steel, and glass are the best materials you can go for in your anal beads. These three are non-porous materials, which means they don’t harbor bacteria and much easier to effectively clean. These kinds of beads should be entirely safe to use as long as you clean them between uses.

Beware of jelly, PVC and similar materials. They are made up of pores material that can collect bacteria, so make sure you know precisely what your beads are made of, and if you have any worries use a condom over them to protect yourself. Besides, avoid beads that use nylon string. They are not only lower quality and uncomfortable when being used, but they are also very difficult to properly clean.

Clean Your Anal Beads Before Or After Use

Cleaning your anal beads or anal training kits will help you to avoid infection and bacteria from any fecal matter that may be present. No matter how clean they appear, be sure to always clean your anal beads by actually washing them before use. Once you’ve had fun with your anal beads, it’s essential to wash them thoroughly. The easiest way to clean your beads is with hot water and soap to ensure that your anal beads are clean. Wipe nonporous materials plastic, silicone, and glass with 10% bleach solution to sterilize. It’s also ideal to give your anal beads a proper check before use.

Lubricate Before You Use

It’s vital for you to be well lubricated before you engage in anal stimulation since the anal canal isn’t self-lubricating. You need to use lube with your anal beads. Water-based lubricants are an excellent choice for everyone. Do not use silicone-based lubricant if you are using anal beads made of silicone.

Thicker lubes are easier to use with anal beads because they don’t slide off the toy right away. Put a generous amount of lubricant on all the anal beads, not just the ones at the tip. You can also add some lube on the outside, apply a bit near the base of your toy, and rub vigorously to look for any reaction. If the toy becomes tacky, don’t use it with lube.

How To Use Anal Beads

Anal beads are all about insertion. Many people like to do so slowly to increase the sensation. However, this isn't a requirement because most beads increase in size gradually, you don't need to insert more than you're comfortable. Some women will repeat this procedure while others will move the beads inwards and outwards increasing speed to simulate real anal sex.

If you’re struggling to push a bead inside, you can gently push out your sphincter muscles to get it inside. When the ball or bead is between the internal and external sphincter muscles, it will cause constriction of the anus. Whether you're a man or woman, anal beads can add something extra to masturbation.

Why Use Anal Beads?

Anal beads produce an exceptional feeling of "fullness" in your anal cavity when inserted. The motion of your body will cause them to roll around, creating a sort of internal massage that does wonders for your super-sensitive prostate if well engaged.

They act as a nitro-booster for your climax if removed as you are approaching orgasm. As the beads are removed, they create pleasurable sensations for both your prostate and your anal sphincter. You need to practice anal sex with beads to understand how good you can feel with anal beads, as words alone cannot describe the feelings.


Anal beads offer an exciting new way to experience sexual stimulation with your partner, and they are entirely safe. However, if you don’t follow advice for hygiene and safety when using anal beads, you might find yourself with some regrets. Now you know how to use anal beads safely, there is no reason to feel embarrassed about purchasing anal beads.

Like all toys, use your anal beads periodically when you’re looking for stimulation. That way you’ll keep variety in your lovemaking. While sex toys can be viewed as an extra cost, they are an investment in your own sexual satisfaction.

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