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31" Tail Stainless Steel Plug 5 Colors

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 Wide array of colours

 Stainless steel
 Super long tail

This wonderful butt plug with a colourous tail is an elegant way to diversify the intimate moments of your romantic life and is a nice gift for a partner. The teardrop-shaped butt plug with a narrowed tip will ensure a smooth, painless insertion and will not deliver any discomfort. The flat base will make the use of the butt plug extremely safe. Being inserted, the butt plug, naturally, narrows the vaginal volume, which will allow you and your partner to feel closer contact. The base comes in different colours. The set has a small, medium and large butt plug, measuring 1.1in, 1.34in, and 1.57in in width each. 

Color/Type Black, White, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, Dark blue, Gray faux fur
Butt plug material Stainless steel
Butt plug dimensions

2.6cm x 6.5cm

Tail length 46cm