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Shock Plug Stainless Steel 7 Shapes

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 Variety of shapes, lengths and girths

 A few settings for maximal pleasure
 Carefully thought out design

Are you excited about your erotic games? Just imagine that it could be much better with this fantastic and shock butt plugs. They are made of absolutely body-safe and hypoallergenic material. The variety of shapes will allow you to feel all the shades of sexual pleasure with your partner. Stainless steel is perfect material for sex toys because it quickly conforms to the body temperature and is suitable for temperature games. The butt plug itself has a classic shape but everything is thought out in its design so that in terms of convenience and a large selection of functions this butt plug is unrivalled.

Color/Type Silver Metal
Butt plug material Stainless steel
Butt plug dimensions

Point Ball: 1in x 3.15in

Ribbed: 1.18in x 2.95in

Classic: 1.34in x 3.43in

2 Ball: 1.18in x 4.33in

3 Ball: 1.10in x 4.53in

Point Ribbed: 1.5in x 4.53in

Large Point: 1.54in x 4.7in