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Bead Head Transparent Glass Butt Plug

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 Made of high-quality glass

 Smooth feel
 Can be used by both women and men 

This unforgettable glass butt plug is a medium size product. What does it mean? This means that the sensations become sharper and the orgasm is more pleasant. This astonishing anal plug will provide an opportunity to feel all the delights of anal sex. An impressive shape of the plug will cause the most violent erotic fantasies of your partner. Smooth, frictionless and a very beautiful stimulant will bring pleasure to both partners. Due to the absolute smoothness and gradually expanding diameter, it is very easy to insert. If you start gradually extracting it from the anus at the moment of orgasm, then the orgasm will acquire a new sharpness, will be more powerful lasting. 

Color/Type Transparent
Butt plug material Glass
Butt plug dimensions

1.73in x 4.53in