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 Wide range of colours

 Amazing shimmering crystal at the base
 Adds cuteness to your anal games

This luxurious butt plug not only delivers exquisite pleasure but also becomes a wonderful surprise for a loved one. Having found such a sweet little thing under the underwear, he is unlikely to remain indifferent and before your charm! A miniature butt plug is made of stainless steel and has a hypoallergenic coating. The classic shape of the tip easily enters the anus and thanks to a thin stalk is securely fixed by the sphincter. The base is made in the form of a heart decorated with colourful crystals. Take a closer look at this accessory, it is certainly worth being added to your collection of intimate toys.

Color/Type Silver Jeweled Plug
Butt plug material Stainless steel
Butt plug dimensions D 28mm * 70mm (1.1in * 2.76in)
Handle Material Heart Jewelry plate