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 Three different sizes available

 The tail is made of natural fur
 Feel this wild atmosphere in your bedroom

This pretty butt plug is to awaken the hidden hunting instincts of men and the incredible pleasure of their partners. The anatomical shape allows painless and safe, without damages and stretchings insertion of the butt plug in the right place and great pleasure. Your sensations will be as full and natural as possible. The toy may be used by both beginners and experienced users due to a variety of sizes. It looks very sexy and exciting thanks to the playful tail. Also, it is very easy to clean. Moreover, you can heat or cool down the butt plug to enhance your feelings and add contrast to your sensations. 

Color/Type Brown fox tail
Butt plug material Stainless steel
Butt plug dimensions

S: 1.10in x 2.76in

M: 1.34in x 3.23in

L: 1.57in x 3.54in

Tail Length More than 13.78in